Sears Fit Club Helps You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Did you know that Sears is the nation’s number one fitness retailer? This nationwide mega store is now taking its expertise in fitness training and equipment and expanding it through the ever-growing world of social media with the Sears Fit Club.

The Sears Fit Club is a community committed to helping you get and stay fit through exclusive access to premiere articles, videos and expert opinions, as well as tips and encouragement from others. With a Facebook page and Twitter account, Sears Fit Club provides 24/7 support both over the phone and online to answer your questions while also updating you with their own health advice and fitness tips.

The Fit Club is comprised of five Sears associates who have faced or are currently facing a different fitness challenge. Through their online profiles, which are accessed through the Sears Fit Club Facebook page, you can read about their ups and downs, learn from their expert advice, ask them questions and offer your own health tips and suggestions.

From Jennifer, a busy mother of two who is struggling to find time to workout to Sarah, who just discovered she not only has colitis, but is also intolerant to 22 foods, you are likely to connect with one, if not more, of the Fit Club members.

The Sears Fit Club Team

The Fit Club is not only about openly discussing and sharing fitness journeys, but with the help of the Blue Fitness Crew, you can find the lowest prices on all fitness equipment. The Crew is so sure of their quality and service, if the competitor offers a lower price, they will step in and beat their price.

The Sears Blue Fitness Crew is also who you go to when you need your product delivered and installed, as their engineering skills get your treadmill or elliptical trainer out of its box, plugged into your exercise room and calibrated to your fitness ability.

You can check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter to get updates on the team’s progress, cheer them on or ask them a fitness-related question.

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