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Pink Venus is a female libido supplement intended to help support vitality and overall sexual arousal. This is made for women in order to help provide overall wellness benefits with improved energy and supported sexual function.

Results are said to come within an hour, and they add it is formulated in the UK. Details about this brand are sparse, though they mention the key additives are herbal. They particularly highlight both Damiana and Siberian Ginseng.

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They add the following:

L-Arginine Hydrochloride Microcrystalline Cellulose Maltodextrin Griffonia Seed Extract Methylcellulose
Titanium Dioxide Glycerin Guarana Seed Extract Magnesium Stearate (Vegetable Source) Zinc Oxide
Niacin Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract Stearic Acid Panax Ginseng Extract

L-Arginine: Amino acid that is found within several kinds of protein rich foods. This is commonly added to libido boosters for its ability to stimulate healthy blood flow. By allow for improved blood flow this can translate into more sensation in the sexual organs.

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Griffonia Seed Extract: Contained inside these seeds is 5-HTP, which has been used to help stimulate the brain and improving mood and reducing inflammation.  The possible side effects can include:

  • Muscle tenderness, blood issues, and sexual issues.
  • Drowsiness, diarrhea, and heartburn.

Depending on how high the added 5-HTP is, there is a possibility for some serious sleep disturbances and overall mood changes.

Guarana: A plant native to Brail which has been sued for the reduction of fatigue and stimulation of the overall nervous system. This has caffeine in it and other stimulant chemicals which can lead to an increase in alertness and energy. Because of these effects can potential lead to some unwanted symptoms:

  • Headache, aggression and increased heart rate.
  • Stomach issues, diuresis, and delirium.

It’s not revealed by any of the companies which sell this as to how much caffeine or other related stimulates are used. Without knowing the full amount it’s impossible to predict how it would affect users who may be sensitive to stimulants.

Zinc Oxide: A water soluble white powder which provides the mineral Zinc which can be used to help reduce a deficiency. In higher amounts this can potential lead to symptoms:

  • Coughing, fatigue, and stomach issues.

Niacin: Known as vitamin B3, this important mineral is essential and needed to help control blood pressure, and to support the uptake of other ingredients. It is found within many foods such as peppers, mushrooms, seeds, and more.

Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract: One of the most commonly used supplements, this comes from an ancient tree which is used to support overall wellness. This can enhance mood boost circulation, prevent improper blood flow, and improve concentration, as well as provide a host of other potential benefits.

Panax Ginseng Extract: A plant species used since ancient times as a way to boost wellness. This can be used to help the body better deal with stress, and top help support sexual arousal in women.

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So many common additives are in this which can potentially help female libido, but without knowing at all as to the dosage strength, it’s unknown what one can really gain from this. Furthermore the tablets are known to be pink, but the company does not mention what additive in this would give it a pink color.

It’s important to get the full ingredients in order to fully examine what a supplement has to offer. They fail to give any insights as to why they would conceal certain additives which users would be interested in knowing about.

This brand is said to work to help boost female libido and while some of the ingredients can support this, it’s so widely used in many other brands that it would have been helpful had they mentioned why it was superior to other supplements.

There is also the added stimulant in Guarana which can be dangerous when overused. Taking stimulants late in the day can lead to sleep disturbances and none of the website which sells it mentions this fact. The added 5-HTP is another additive which must be taken in controlled months to ensure that there is no risk for potential side effects.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Prices vary depending on which 3rd party site this is purchased from, but they all ship out of the UK as this is a UK based supplement. A sample pack with 2 tablets sell s for 6.95 pounds, which is the same as $9.23 dollars at the time of this review.

It is somewhat pricy for just 2 tablets.  Even bulk purchases are still costly. Many of the additives are so commonly used in female libido supplements, and there are also many processed and cheap additives within  this. Because of this issue and due to the fact that it’s unknown who makes this, it raises questions to why why this would be preferably to the countless other similar supplements available.

There is nothing distinguishing this to a standard female libido supplement. For the price paid potential customers might do best to look elsewhere. No information is given as to why it is priced so highly, and one may also have to pay the import cost if one is not based out of the UK.

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No information is provided as to who the official creators are. There are 2 websites which sell it, but one website has confusing information about another supplement. They market a completely different brand and provide clear details for a male sexual enhancement supplement not female.

The other website has very limited details about this product, and they appear to sell a few different aftermarket products. Some of the brands they sell are from other companies, so it’s more of a 3rd party. Because you can’t actually contact someone from the official company, it limits the possibility to know about this brand.

It is also widely sold on EBay, which may mean that this is now discontinued. Because of this potential issue its unknown if it would be safe to consume as it is sold, as it may be dated and even potentially expired.

You’re unable to get any details about the manufacturers which includes how they process the ingredients whether or not the facilities are reliable and clean, and ow to properly supplement this brand.

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Not much was said about this from online reviews, but here are some found reviews:

“No results for me”

“Didn’t work at all”

“Gave me a hot flush but that’s about it”

“The nauseating effects just don’t sit right with me, not sure if it’s worth it anymore”

Overall reviews for this were mostly negative with some adding how it caused side effects which were very uncomfortable. Though because there isn’t may experiences listed online, it’s impossible to determine if this is a consensus and likely outcome.

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There needs to be a lot more data presented because at this time it’s unknown what the full ingredients are, what the dosage strength is, who makes it, how the company that makes it operates and whether or not it’s still being made fresh. So little is known that it makes it impossible to fully trust the few marketing claims made. Judging from how it’s presented and how lacking the details are, it’s highly likely that this is no longer being made fresh anymore. The few user reviews which were found online were also really negative, as people had side effect related issues which made it hard to supplement with Pink Venus.

Our selection as the number 1 female libido booster is the natural solution offered by Libitrinex. This has only natural ingredients which 3rd party sites have shown can deliver an array of benefits including improved mood, more energy, enhanced sexual drive, and overall wellness.

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