More to Love Recap: Episode 7

More to Love finalist Mandy

More to Love finalist Mandy

This week on More to Love, Luke took his three remaining gals away on a getaway to Hawaii. Spending one full day with each, he was able to concentrate on his ladies with uninterrupted focus. From a deep ocean swimming excursion with Tali to a scenic picnic with Mandy, each young woman was able to have Luke all to themselves as they peppered each other with questions on marriage, children and the current love quandary they themselves are in.

Tali, Malissa and Mandy were not just becoming more noticeably enamored with their potential suitor, but more nervous and anxious. Luke’s decision-making responsibility was also getting the best of him as he expressed his fear of regret over choosing the wrong woman and his daunting awareness of the onus he carries on his shoulders that will dearly affect the lives of all three remaining girls and himself.

Narrowing it down to just two girls, Luke eliminated Mandy, the 26-year-old fitness and dance instructor from Long Beach, California.

Next week, Luke gets to meet Tali’s and Malissa’s parents and his mom surprises both girls at breakfast.

Don’t miss next week’s season finale of More to Love as Luke makes the decision that we have all been waiting for and chooses the woman he wants to love more.

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