Money Hungry Takes on the Rose Bowl in Episode 7 Recap

I’m going to spare you the fluff this week and we will get right down to business. Last week on Money Hungry we saw Slenderellas and Flabulous make game play moves that lead to yours truly being placed on the chopping block. This week we get to see what happens once the gloves are off and alliances begin to crumble.

With the Family in shambles and the Orphanage actually looking strong once more, the challenge this week is of extreme importance. We see the contestants enter the Rose Bowl, and it is pretty obvious they aren’t there for a picnic. At the top of each set of stairs is a giant contraption meant to hold tiny footballs, 100 of them to be precise. Each teammate must grab as many balls as they can, run up the stairs, place them in the contraption and run back down to tag the other teammate. The team will all their balls placed in the contraption that then runs the big ball across the 50 yard line wins.

As soon as the challenge begins it is obvious that it is going to be between the Regulators and Slimpossible. This is due to both physicality and the fact that they have bigger arms and are able to carry more balls. Slimpossible ends up winning immunity, with Double Chocolate finishing last, and then game play walls come-a tumbling down.

Slenderellas was promised immunity the week before, but Slimpossible doesn’t remember. Grading Curves threatens to ‘knife’ Slimpossible if they don’t get immunity, and Phillip just wants immunity because, well, he does.

In the end the immunity is given to Grading Curves (which is what I would have done in their shoes as well), and it appears that there may be a tie for the vote! In the end though Phillip yet again makes a wisely timed game play move and forces someone else to do his dirty work by voting against Slenderellas. Double Chocolate is the second casualty of Hurricane Phillip. Tune in to my exclusive video review, above, for more behind the scenes info.

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