Money Hungry Episode 8 Recap

Welcome back the Real World VH1 edition, also known as Money Hungry!

With the competition now down to 5 teams, we are starting to learn more and more about each contestant, and see more and more drama. The alliances formed in the beginning of the game are beginning to crack, and the competition is fiercer than ever.

The challenge this week is another puzzle challenge, this time coming in the form of a vertical puzzle shaped like a cake. The object of the game is to disassemble the cake and reassemble it on another stand. The trick comes in the fact that you can only move one layer at a time and you can never place a larger layer on a smaller one. Some teams seem to get the trick right away, though I wonder how long it really took before editing got a hold of it.

Mission Slimpossible, yet again, wins immunity, with Flabulous coming in last after Phillip ‘runs’ the puzzle like he does the game itself: inefficiently. This week there will be no immunity, which means the entire drama surrounds the house vote itself.

Mission Slimpossible is vying for the house to vote in Regulators. While I like their idea to get rid of their biggest competition there is no situation in which Flabulous stood a chance against Regulators this week. Slenderellas wanted to vote in Grading Curves, mainly because they didn’t want to be in the bottom again, and I can respect that. Flabulous wanted to go against Slenderellas, because, well, that is the only team they stand a chance to beat.

In a surprise move, Grading Curves betrayed their own alliance with Mission Slimpossible and voted in Slenderellas, not that it would matter, as EVERY eligible team demolished Flabulous’s numbers this week. Phillip may have controlled the votes for the past few weeks, but it came down to the poor performances on the scale and in the gym that decided his fate.

Tune in next where we will be back to the Video Reviews as Money Hungry comes down to the wire. Who will take home the $100,000 grand prize? Who will be the next team to betray their word in an effort to save themselves? You’ll just have to watch to find out!

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