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Manjakani is a vagina tightening supplement that can also help support the health of the female organs. This is intended for women of all ages, and can be place directly inside the vagina or used as a topical aid.

It’s also meant to help protect against vaginal bacteria, fungus, and infections. This can even be used to tighten the vagina for women who have had childbirth, or who have aged. By literally reshaping the walls of the vagina, this is intended to help make sex more enjoyable.

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Since there is no official website and the name of this supplement is also the name of an ingredient, it’s very difficult to find any useful information about what is included.  It’s said from a 3rd party site that it only uses one ingredient however, which is of course:


Manjakani: A species of oak that is found in Malaysia that has been used commonly as an ink. This is made when wasps sting the tree and their larvae deliver a chemical reaction which forms this substance, which appears to be in the formation of a tough ball.

This has within it ellagic acid, gallic acid, and other tannins. These tannins have been used to treat diseases including ulcers skin issues, inflammation, and to also provide astringent properties.

As a female supplement this has been used as a drink to help increase vaginal tightness after childbirth.  This has been used popularly in history by parts of the Middle East and Asia.

Because of it astringent effects there is a possibly for this actually causing drying, which can further irritate the vagina. Since it can get rid of bacteria of all kinds, this can include beneficial vagina flora which is needed so the vagina is healthy. By getting rid of healthy bacteria it can actually increase the risk for infection, yeast infections, and bacterial issues. also says that this can lead to:

“anemia… malnutrition and muscle wasting… could cause congenital birth defects”

One study by the Department of Family Medicine of Malaysia which performed a review on an herbal supplement containing Manjakani showed that healthy 24 year old women suffered from:

“four days… fever… rash, ankle pain and swelling”

Because of the lack of sufficient studies showing any benefits, it’s unknown if this ingredient would be safe to take. It does not seem however with the added tannins, that it would be beneficial long-term, as astringents are not often recommended by gynecologists as a heathy vaginal aid.

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Even with one sole active ingredient known, this additive in particular is lacking sufficient studies to prove its worth. Most of the information about this ingredient shows that it can be potentially hazardous. There are great sounding claims that say it can reduce unhealthy bacteria, make the vagina tighter, and even improve the organs, but it’s unknown if this is true.

While any astringent can get rid of bacteria and also constrict cells, over time this can lead to damaging effects. This is not selective and will also get rid of healthy vaginal flora. The drying effect can also make it harder to have sex, as there will be no natural lubrication.

This is why astringents even when added to skin are carefully dabbed out, and only used on select portions of the body. If used regularly and kept on the skin it has a risk for causing serious damaging effects. None of the websites which sell brands with Manjakani actually support its use by providing sufficient clinical studies.  Without more data to look at all one can do is look at the properties of the ingredient, which shows there is a risk for damaging effects.

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Different websites will sell versions of this and some have added ingredients. The brand we’re examining no longer features an official website, and on 3rd party sites is not backed by a supplements facts list.

It’s known what the key active ingredient is also used as the brand name, which further makes it difficult to determine what the difference is. Websites lack any real clinical studies, and instead there are only broad claims offered to help explain what it is capable of. No evidence is cited however, and the only websites which give any information about it warn about it being potentially damaging, especially when added directly to the vagina.

There’s simply far too little known about the key active ingredient to believe it would be an effective and safe supplement. The marketing used for this supplement makes controversial claims such as it can help:

“Drive him wild”

But this is not actually backed by testimonials or any reliable proof.

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No company information is provided, and further making the search difficult is the fact that many brands use Manjakani as their official name. There are brands which use different images but all go by the same name. With so many options to choose from it’s not known if there is any separation, whether or not the dosage strength is different, or whether or not the company can be trusted.

None of the manufacturers have any GMP certification to help ensure routine quality control inspections, and they are all imported from Malaysia. This makes it truly impossible to know if the company can be trusted, as it could be that all batches are only supervised by the manufacturer.

Without knowing who makes it or who to contact, it further makes it impossible to determine the overall quality of Manjakani. You wouldn’t be able to contact someone from the company in case of any issues, or with any questions regarding how to best supplement. It’s not known either if there is a standard dosage strength advised, or how to properly insert this in the vagina, and for low long.

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No testimonials or written reviews about this brand are offered anywhere.  Since you can’t examine reviews it’s impossible to know if there is a consensus. Even worse since there are multiple companies which use the same brand name, even if you were to find reviews it would not be known if it’s the same product in question.

Because there are no user reviews it’s not possible for customers to try and gauge what a consensus is, if any. This is particularly troubling when you consider the fact that there is no explanation at all as to how to properly use it. So it may result in a lack of effects  for those who can’t determine how to properly apply it.

Furthermore, there are questions about the overall quality since you can’t find any clinical studies online on this specific sole ingredient. So while Marjakani has had a historical use as a vagina tightening supplement, it’s unknown if this is a placebo effect, or if side effects are a possibility.

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To review a supplement there has to be ingredient dosage strength, clinical studies, user reviews, and a full understanding of the company that makes it. Since none of this is offered by Manjakani, it’s impossible to know what this can truly do. What is known is that the tannins within this ingredient can lead to destruction of healthy bacteria, and drying of the vaginal walls. It’s the reason why astringents over a large portion of the body are not advised, as it can lead to further issues such as irritation and drying. There is also no money back return policy, and it’s not known who to contact in the case of an issue or question about how to best insert this supplement.

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