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Kamni Capsules is a female libido supplement with multiple intended benefits including more stamina, desire, energy and power. They add how their natural formula can help get rid of toxins and make the body healthy.

It can also support the liver, nerves, and protect against infections. Blood is circulated which can further improve the ease of engaging in sex. They add how it can cure cardiovascular issues, swelling, bone issues, blood vessels, and organ issues.

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Within this blend are the following:

Ras Sindur Nagbhasm Lauhbhasm Abhrakh Bhasm Bangbhasm

Ras Sindur: Used in Ayurvedic medicine as a way to support the immune system, prevent urinary tract infections, reduce inflammation, improve anemia, aid digestive health, and a number of other intended benefits.

There are no clinical studies on this ingredient and its unknown if it would be safe and effective. One website which promotes its potential benefits called Ayurmedinfo.com says that it should only be used with:

“Strict medical supervision”

They add how it:

“may cause many poisonous side effects”

They also go onto say that a doctor should prescribe this in terms of both duration of usage and the dosage strength.

It’s unclear what it is made up of exactly but the website does say it contains herbal and mineral additives blended together.

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Nagbhasm: This is spelled in different variations online, and most commonly as Nag Bhasm. It’s not quite clear what this is exactly, but it has been used in Ayurvedic practices. It has been used to treat many things such as skin issues, diarrhea, diabetes, and spleen enlargement.

It is actually extracted from lead and it’s supposed to be processed so it would be safe to use.  This is recommended by websites which promote this brand to be used only under the attention of a healthcare practitioner.

Lauhbhasm: Iron that is used to help promote blood health in Ayurvedic practices. This is used to help alleviate jaundice and also nourish the body. It’s not clear if this is formulated in a way to alter the iron and perhaps make easier to absorb. Information about how this is processed is unknown.

Abhrakh Bhasm: Taken from the mica ash, in Ayurvedic medicine it has been used of the treatment of urinary, skin, and pulmonary issues. Mica is a brittle mineral that is most commonly used to provide color to cosmetics.

Mica dust can be potentially hazardous and it may lead to respiratory issues in high amounts.

In Ayurvedic practices this is often purified and processed in a way to actually help assist issues related to the digestive or respiratory tract.

Bangbhasm: Ayurvedic ingredient meant to prevent fatigue and reduce the risk for urinary issues. This is mean to help teat sexual issues as well such as a loss of vigor, and sexual dysfunction which prevents arousal.

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A reoccurring issue that kept appearing was the fact that all but 2 of these ingredients have been studied by a few clinical studies, iron and mica. Unfortunately this 2 are quite basic and though they’re touted in Ayurvedic practices, science is lacking.

It’s not known what some of these ingredients truly are as there are only claims made about what it can do from companies that sell supplements with these additives. Some of this website even state that strict medical supervision and specialized dosage strength should be taken to avoid potential side effects. This is very important as there may be a potential for damaging symptoms if one is not careful.

Without much to examine it’s impossible for one to know for sure what one can expect from this brand. It also requires a lot of supplementation up to 4 months for there to be what they say is:

“satisfactory result”

The official website also does not fail to provide any evidence to help support this formula, nor do they do a good job of describing what the ingredients are meant to do individually. Without being able to examine this formula any further it’s unknown what a potential effect would be.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


A 60 capsule bottle sells for $50 and they advise to supplement with up to 2 capsules, twice a day with regular usage for up to 4 months. They also advise to make lifestyle changes including regular exercise, stress reduction practices, and by massaging one’s scalp.

They even suggest one take hormone replacement therapy to help support libido. They enlist many alternative methods for the improvement of sex on their website.

Taken at the full dosage strength one $50 bottle would last a total of 15 days. The formula itself has a lot of questionable additives which haven’t been fully examined by reliable clinical studies. Due to this major concern it’s impossible for one to know what this supplement may lead to.

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Their full name is the Ayurved Research Foundation and their sole contact details are:

Email: info@ayurvedresearchfoundation.com

They offer a 30 day money back guarantee as long as one tries their supplements for 2 to 3 weeks. This comes with a 25% restocking fee and one has to pay for all shipping and handling costs to and from the facility. They also only offer returns on unopened bottles, therefore one would have to buy multiple bottles in order to get a refund.

It is known that they operate out of India but they fail to list an address or a phone number. They do add how they are GMP approved and that they have been in operation since 2005. Other than these few details there isn’t much known about how they operate.

The company claims that his supplement is:

“safe and can be taken with other herbal supplements”

“no side effects”

“You can take… for long period”

There is no way to verify this however as they do not provide any evidence to support these claims.

We’ve compiled a through list to help showcase what female libido supplements are the very best.


No consumer reviews can be found online. They do offer an Amazon.com page for 3rd party sales but there are no opinions from any users found. There are no testimonials or any sort of proof from the official website.

Since you can’t determine beforehand whether or not uses have positive experiences or if they had side effects, there is no way to determine what this supplement can truly do. This is a major issue since the formula is lacking any evidence, and there is no justification given as to why one should try this potentially dangerous supplement.

Bold claims are ab=made about its potential benefits but without evidence there is no way to verify.

The best female libido brands here can assist in reducing fatigue, supporting arousal, and making it easier to remain sexually stimulated.


There’s a lack of quality information about the company who makes this, and as to the exact formula used. They list names but most of the ingredients have no translation in English and its unknown exactly where there are sourced from. Some of  these additives are said to be only be usable and safe under the control of a healthcare practitioner, but this may be less common outside of India as these ingredients are rarely supplemented with outside of Ayurvedic medical practices. There are websites which mean many of these additives have potential for some damaging poison like side effects, and this may prove fatal if one is not careful. No customer reviews exist and the company only offers returns on unopened bottles.

The best female libido supplement which our review experts saw has the best use reviews and formulas were Libitrinex. Each ingredient is natural and shown in 3rd party studies to improve things like sexual desire, sexual intimacy, mood, energy, wellness, and sexual pleasure. Users have also provided their experiences on the official website by adding how it had notable benefits.

The formula is produced in a facility which has bene approved by the FDA, and which is inspected by 3rd parties to ensure it’s held to a high standard. You can read about Libitrinex and see how it can benefit female libido via their official website linked here.

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