Jillian Michaels adds GoDaddy Girl to Her Resume

We’re still looking for the connection, too. While Jillian Michaels‘ name appears on supplements, books, DVDs and the like, her attachment to GoDaddy seems like a stretch for the infamous Biggest Loser trainer. And not the kind you’d do in yoga. As Nelly has rapped so many times… must be the money.

In a multi-million dollar three-year deal, Jillian is the hottest new name on the GoDaddy babe roster, which also includes racecar driver Danica Patrick.

GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons told USAToday “Jillian is smokin’ hot. She’s a great role model. She’s tough. And she’s savvy. She matches up well with the personality of our brand.”

Maybe those attributes make her a match, but we can’t help but wonder, has Jillian ever registered a domain herself?

Play the slideshow to learn more about Jillian’s growing fitness media brand.

View About Jillian Michaels Slideshow

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