Intrinsa Patches Review (UPDATED 2018): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Intrinsa Patches is a prescription patch that is made for women who have noticed a reduction in their sex drive. This is meant to treat what is known as HSDD, or hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

The patches have 8.4 mg of time delayed testosterone, and it’s intended for women at the age of 60 or above. In particular it’s meant for women who have removed their ovaries, or who are receiving estrogen therapy. They advise to avoid it if one is breast feeding or pregnant.

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Each patch offers the following additives:

300 micrograms of Testosterone Sunset Yellow FCF (E110) Latolrubine BK (E180) Copper Phtalocyanine Blue Pigment
Sorbitan Oleate 2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate 1-Vinyl-2-Pyrrolidone Copolymer Siliconized Polyester Film

300 micrograms of Testosterone: A slow acting source of testosterone which is the sole active ingredient inside of these patches. This helps to improve testosterone which can support sexual desire. When used as an adhesive this is meant to help provide a steady supply of testosterone in the bloodstream.

As omen reach the age of menopause this hormone will naturally decline, and the effects are meant to come for weeks or months in order for there to be notable changes which are not too drastic or potentially dangerous.

When using this it is highly advised to continue seeking a doctor’s support, as there are potential issues which can vary. Net advises to:

“see… doctor within three to six months of starting the treatment”

They also add how this can lead to multiple potential side effects such as:

  • Increased blood pressure, acne, and growth of facial hair.
  • Hair loss, increased clitoris size, and changes in one’s voice.
  • Irritation in the application site, anxiety, and vaginal burning.
  • Heart palpitations, breast pain, and weight gain.

Multiple other side effects are mentioned and it is also known that certain women should not use it. This includes those with a history of breast cancer, women who became menopausal naturally and not via surgery or complications, and those that have a sensitivity to hormones.

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Sunset Yellow FCF (E110): Orange yellow food dye that is derived from things like petroleum. This will often be added to processed goods and food such as candy, snacks, and preserved fruit.

There have been watchdog groups and advocates who have called for this to be banned due to its possibility for side effects such as ADHD, and genetic issues.

Latolrubine BK (E180): Red dye that is soluble in in things like hot water and ethanol. This is used in thins like paint, ink, and plastics.  Though used in the UK, this is banned in certain parts of the world.

Copper Phtalocyanine Blue Pigment: Artificial blue food dye that can be found in thins like paint.

Sorbitan Oleate: Found in cosmetics, this additive is taken from sorbitol. It is used to emulsify surrounding ingredients and also as a way to prove a fragrance. The which helps people understand cosmetic additives has said this has a 1 out of 10 rating for safety, meaning it is unlikely to cause side effects.

2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate:  Colorless liquid that is used to help support adhesive effects by stabilizing surrounding additives.

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As far as the inactive ingredients they do add many artificial dyes which would have been best avoided. They serve no purpose other than to make the patches appear a certain color.

As far as the only sole active ingredient, there are a lot of precautions one must take, and issues which need to be considered to determine if one is suitable to use it. For example, women who have naturally reached menopause are not advised to use it, only if one has had surgery which removed one’s ovaries. So for the average woman looking to improve sex drive, there are a lot of precautions one must pay attention to.

There is also a high risk for potential side effects which can be damaging such as raised blood pressure, hair loss, and changes in clitoris size, weight gain, and much more. One must factor in all the potential side effects while also having routine doctor visits to ensure that one is able to safely use it.

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At the time of this review there is one sole website which sells this, but it’s important to note that this is illegal as prescriptions can only be prescribed by a certified medical doctor. This website sells a total of 8 patches for $68. They claim it is available via a “private prescription”.  By buying this it’s not only potential dangerous, but also illegal.

Since it’s a prescription the prices can vary and one must ensure that one is getting medical support while using it. This brand appears to only be sold via the UK, as the FDA did not allow for it to be sold as an off-label product. This means the US decided there needed to be more studies conducted to ensure its overall safety and effectiveness.

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The creators are Proctor & Gamble and their contact information is:

Phone Number: (513) 983-1100

Address: One Procter & Gamble Plaza

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

No returns are offered since this is a prescription patch. It’s also only offered in the UK currently via this brand name.

There have been a few notable controversies that the company had such as being fined 211.2 million euros for their role in price-fixing. They also had human rights violations dating back to at least 2016.

Currently the company has a total of 201 complaints and 35 negative reviews on their Better Business Bureau page. A total 137 users complained about the quality of service and the products themselves.  Some said that there was false advertising, that they keep receiving spam messages, and that the products offered are unreliable.

A study in the National Library of Medicine also adds how the FDA banned the use of this:

“experimental testosterone patch”

They did so because of the lacking information about:

“long term safety”

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Details about what kinds of experiences users had with this cannot be found online at the time of this review. This is not a surprise however as there is a lack of an official website, and most of the information comes from 3rd party sources.

Without being able to fully examine user experiences there is no way to know if customers were able to experience positive changes, and whether or not this was actually reliable. It’s important to look at opinions to try and understand what a possible consensus is, and whether or not it’s easy to apply and actually useful. Since this brand comes in a patch, it would have been helpful to try and determine if it is truly easy to apply.

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Since these patches help to provide testosterone, there is no doubt going to be an effect. The issue is that only a few women are allowed to use this, as it cannot be used by one who is simply looking to promote sexual desire. There has to be a medical need for one who has reached their 60’s and above and only if one has had their ovaries removed. Testosterone can lead to many potential side effects, and there are concerns over the fact that it was not approved by the FDA due to safety concerns.

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