IntenSati Strengthens the Body and Soul

I’m not a big fan of exercise classes: I feel like everyone else showed up an hour before I did to learn all the moves, so when class starts they instantly perform the choreography in perfect time while I’m stumbling around like an idiot, just trying to keep up. I’m embarrassed, uncomfortable, and confused, longing for the refuge of the weight room where I know what I’m doing.

If you are intimidated or self conscious, inside the gym or out, IntenSati may just be your saving grace. The new form of mind/body exercise from founder Patricia Moreno combines intense exercise with positive affirmations and motivational phrases designed to build your muscles and your confidence.

Moreno, a recovered bulimic and compulsive exerciser, developed the wildly popular program to bring people together for a truly well-rounded workout. At any given IntenSati class (if you can get in, there is usually a waiting list) you will join other exercisers sweating buckets, holding tough yoga poses or performing intense cardio bursts while shouting “I am strong!” and “I will succeed!”

Most people work out to burn off stress and anxiety, and IntenSati is the perfect cure. Whether it’s work, money, or the kids, taking an IntenSati class will not only leave you feeling physically energized, but mentally ready to tackle anything.

You’ve probably heard the term ‘mind/body’ exercise, and IntenSati is the epitome of that connection. While you are focusing on the movement and strength of your body, the addition of positive affirmations will keep you motivated to continue, pushing your body physically farther than you ever thought you could, leaving you feeling like you can do anything.

We are told to use positive self talk throughout our workouts, so it’s no surprise that shouting those affirmations in a class setting while doing a kick-butt workout leads to great results, inside and out.

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