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ID Stimulating Gel For Her is a female stimulating gel that is meant to increase overall arousal. They add that orgasms intensity will increase, and that it can make one more enthusiastic in the bedroom.

Added to this is a blend of aphrodisiacs that is said to be formulated by women, for women.

This provides a warming sensation that is said to be pleasurable. It is also easy to wash off and they offer it in a mild sensation formula, and a more intense version.

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The full ingredients are:

Water Glycerin Ethoxydiglycol Hydroxyethylcellulose Passiflora Incarnata Flower Extract
Corynanthe Yohimbe Bark Extract Panax Ginseng Root Extract Lepidium Meyenii Turnera Aphrodisiaca Extract Citric Acid
Flavor Niacin Methylparaben Potassium Sorbate Sodium Benzoate
Stevia Rebaudiana Extract Vanillyl Butyl Ether

Ethoxydiglycol: Solvent ingredient that improves overall viscosity. It appears as a colorless liquid and it is used often in cosmetics.  Since this does contain ether, Truth in has said that there is a potential for:

“cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, allergic reactions… endocrine disruptions”

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Hydroxyethylcellulose: Taken from plants, this amino acid acts as a thickener, preservative, and binder. This can help make the other ingredients easier to absorb, and though it has no direct effect on female libido, it supports the transportation of surrounding additives.

Passiflora Incarnata Flower Extract: A version of passionflower which has been used for many purposes including the reduction of burns and hemorrhoids in the skin. This has also been used to prevent spasms and to provide a calming effect.

There are some noted potential symptoms mentioned by Web MD:

  • Drowsiness, rapid heart rate, and altered states of consciousness.
  • Muscle contractions, dizziness, and inflamed blood vessels.

Corynanthe Yohimbe Bark Extract: Taken from an evergreen shrub, this is used for the improvement of blood flow, stimulation of the nerves in the vagina, and the prevention of sexual issues.

There are concerns over its use as Web MD states this can be unsafe:

  • Sleep issues, rash, and nausea.
  • Bloating, tremors, and allergies.
  • Heart issues paralysis, and death.

Lepidium Meyenii: Scientific term for the vegetable known as Maca, this aphrodisiac in native to Peru where it has had a historical use as a potent sexual aid.  Within it is rich fatty and amino acids, and it has been used to alleviate fatigue and enhance sexual desire.

Turnera Aphrodisiaca Extract: Referred to most commonly as the wild shrub Damiana, this is used to improve the nervous system and brain. It has also been used to prevent sexual issues by acting as an aphrodisiac.

Web MD states that there is a possibility for:

“Convulsions… strychnine poisoning”

This has been seen in large amounts.

Methylparaben: Preservative which has been used controversially in cosmetic and topical aids, as there is mixed studies showing that it has a potential for endocrine system damage.

The Derm has said there is a possible:

“link to cancer… affect metabolism and other bodily functions”

Sodium Benzoate: Preservative added to processed foods and cosmetics, it can increase the stability of a product but there are fears it can potentially lead to side effects.

Vanillyl Butyl Ether: Used to provide a warming sensation, Ross has said that this can potentially lead to:

  • Irritation, burning, and carcinogenicity.

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There are some ingredients in this which can increase libido, but they also add potentially harsh additives as well. 2 kinds of preservatives are used which multiple studies have shown can be irritating and hazardous long-term.

They also use some ingredients such as Yohimbe and Damiana which have a high potential risk for side effects. This can lead to some serious damaging effects which can make it necessary to immediately stop supplementation.

Even the simple warming effect provided by the added vanillyl butyl ether has been shown to be potentially carcinogenic by a few 3rd parties. Because of this concern it may be too harsh for customers to use.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


The official website offers a list of retailers where one can find this lubricant. Website can range in the price offered On Walgreens for example they sell a 17.0 fl oz. bottle for $16.99. This is slightly above average for most lubricants, but this brand does contain a lot more ingredients than usual.

Unfortunately due to the use of many potentially harsh additives which are processed, it makes it impossible to know what can be truly expected from this. You also aren’t backed by a money back return policy unless the 3rd party happens to allow it.

For some users there may be a necessity to avoid certain additives as there are studies which show some of them can deliver harsh effects. It’s unknown how the effects of stimulants like Yohimbe will have when used topically. Often in supplement form for example, it can lead to dangerous effects including liver damage and even death.

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Westride Laboratories, Inc. makes this and to reach them they offer the following on their website:

Phone Number: (714) 259-9400

Address: 1671 E. Saint Andrew Palace

Santa Ana, CA 92705

Email: Direct contact form is offered via their website as well as the following

Details about the company from 3rd party sits are very limited. They do say they have manufacture lubricants since 1993, and that they specially make select lubricants for sexual function.

It does appear that they let 3rd parties decide on whether or not a money back return would be offered, as they do not handle this aspect of customer service. No issues have been found with recalls or any sort of controversies in their long history however.

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Examine user reviews featured here:

“Not much of an effect to be honest. Too expensive and for what it did it was disappointing”

“Does not live up to its claims. There are better lubricants out there”

“Really wasn’t very good for my needs”

“Really small and I don’t think it will last long nor will it be worth the money as it stands”

The majority of reviews wee negative from complaints ranging to the cost, small container, lack of benefits, and the fact people didn’t feel stimulated. People were mostly disappointed as they felt the marketing made it seem a lot better, and the most people got out of it was a warming effect.

Women who used it as directed stated it failed to enhance their sex lives, and that they would not advise for others to use it. This was especially disappointing for people who were surprised to find that it didn’t last long, and that for the price it is far too underwhelming.

Only 1 positive review was found on at the time of this review.

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In analyzing this lubricant while it does sound impressive when you examine their website, the formula itself is full of too many potentially harsh additives. Preservatives, stimulants and article additives ae included which can lead to some damaging side effects. Users were almost all disappointed of both the lack of effects and the high price for the amount offered. Whether or not a money back return is allowed depends on the 3rd party websites which sell it. There is also ingredients added which on their own have a potential risk for causing dangerous side effects.

The well-regarded supplement according to tis dosage strength and user reviews was found to be Libitrinex. Overall this supplement was superior due to its use of wholesome aphrodisiacs that can assist in the stimulation of sexual desire, reduction of fatigue, and improvement of overall sexual function.

Inside of this is a blend of natural ingredients which have been backed by multiple 3rd party clinical reviews. Find out what you can gain from Libitrinex by looking at user reviews and an explanation of its formula which is offered here.

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