Get in Shape Like the Stars of the Emmys

While watching the Emmys this year, I was impressed by how fit and polished the stars looked as they walked the red carpet. Wearing Versace, Carolina Herrera or Donna Karan, walking in front of thousands of cameras, there’s no room for an unfit body to hide. How do they guarantee that every part of their image is smooth and flat, toned and fit and showing to their greatest advantage?

Celebrity trainer Jarett Del Bene, whose clients include Audrina Patridge, The Hills alum Lauren Conrad and Lindsay Lohan, shared many of the secrets that he uses to help whip bodies into shape fast.

Del Bene was quoted in USWeekly as saying, “For the Emmys, some of [celebrities] may have slacked during the summertime because of vacations and due to just having fun. Not everyone can stay consistent…then you do a quick shape up workout plan to get in shape in a matter of three to five weeks.”

How do they do it? Cardio is key. Del Bene’s client follow a recommended baseline of cardio three days a week. Five weeks before the red carpet walk, Del Bene adds an extra two hours of cardio a week for a total of five hours. He recommends “shocking the body” by changing up the routine with a variety of different exercise challenges.

One day we’ll do a kickboxing session, the next day we’ll go running or for a hike in the hills, and then the next day we’ll do some biometric training, like jump squats, box jumps, agility drills with cones,” Del Bene said.

Diet is an important part of the shape up challenge, as well. De Bene is an advocate of lean protein and uses it as the basis of a strict 1500 calorie a day diet. His clients have their heaviest carbs in the morning, such as oatmeal, along with egg whites. Lunch is often a Muscle Milk Light shake, a favorite with many of his female clients. To round out the meal offerings, he recommends fish, veggies, and brown rice for dinner. They also have a snack during the day, which is typically a banana, apple, or other fruit.

All that, just to look fab on the red carpet. It doesn’t sound too restrictive, though. What do you think? Does it sound worth it to you?

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