Borealis Eye Serum Review (UPDATED 2019): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Borealis Eye Serum is an antiaging eye cream designed to reduce dark circles, wrinkles and other signs of damage. Additionally, this product may be used to hydrate dry skin around the eyes and improve texture.

Borealis Eye Serum is made from a blend of ingredients such as peptides, vitamins and antioxidants. Unfortunately, the makers of this product never go into more depth about what, exactly, is present in this product.

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Borealis Eye Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

Borealis Eye Serum does not provide potential consumers with an actual ingredient label, making it difficult to present the active ingredients and evaluate them fairly.

Below, we’ve listed some the active ingredients that may be present in this blend, but keep in mind, this information may not be entirely accurate.

Peptides Vitamins

Peptides: Peptides are amino acid compounds that help make up collagen. As we get older, collagen begins to break down, causing skin to lose its structure and elasticity.

Peptides are used in a range of skincare products, as they may restore collagen production and reverse some of the visible signs of aging like crow’s feet, fine lines and sagging skin.

Antioxidants: The makers of this product never specify where the antioxidants present in this belnd are sourced from, but, antioxidants in general, provide some key benefits.

Antioxidants work to neutralize free radicals, calm skin and improve texture and appearance. Antioxidants also prevent future skin damage from occurring.

Vitamins: We don’t know which vitamins are present in this formulation but vitamins A, C and E are often included in many skincare formulations. All of which work to generate new skin cells and protect against free radical damage.

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Borealis Eye Serum Quality of Ingredients

Borealis Eye Serum’s formula remains a mystery. The items listed above are vague—vitamins, antioxidants—we just don’t know which ingredients, specifically are present.

Based on the fact that this company cannot provide an ingredient list—which, in terms of skin care, functions as a rundown of the selling points of a product—we cannot recommend this item.

The web copy on the site, as well as the handful of third-party channels fails to inform people of what they are getting when they use this product.

With so many skin types, ages and varying concerns among the pool of potential consumers, it’s hard to see why anyone would blindly buy an eye cream that fails to specify critical pieces of information.

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The Price and Quality of Borealis Eye Serum

The makers of Borealis Eye Serum never make clear how much this item costs. The official website (or blog page, rather) is designed to get people on the hook for a monthly subscription by entering their information in exchange for a free trial.

This product is “sold” alongside the Borealis Face Cream—with both products reportedly going for $89 a month after the 14-day trial ends.

Based on this information, it’s clear that users should avoid using Borealis Face Cream and the eye serum. Any product that doesn’t provide product specs or pricing likely cannot deliver on the promised advertised.

The monthly cost of Borealis Eye Serum is higher than many of top-of-the-line creams and serums. The difference, however, is most of the high-end antiaging solutions provide ample detail, informing consumers of the contents of the product, essentially making the case for that investment.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

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Business of Borealis Eye Serum

Unfortunately, the company that has set up the Borealis website has opted out of providing any contact information or company details—at least anywhere visible to potential consumers.

The official page for the Borealis Eye Serum is an unsecured WordPress blog page, set up as a means for capturing information from people asked to pay the shipping and handling charge on their free trial offer.

Like so many others following this formula, Borealis offers a few details about the formula-contains a handful of vitamins, plus antiaging chemicals, but never dives any deeper in regards to what the formula is designed to accomplish. We don’t know if it’s made to prevent damage or erase existing wrinkles. We don’t know if it safe for acne-prone skin or contains hydrating ingredients for dry skin.

We also never get to see an actual ingredient label—so, the formula could be made from a blend of inactive chemical ingredients, or not.

Countless red flags aside, this site is not a safe place to divulge credit card information. It’s not an actual e-commerce site and is unsecured. Those thinking about trying this product or something with a similar payment structure should steer clear of any product that does not clearly display critical information, like pricing or other key details.

Customer Opinions of Borealis Eye Serum

Borealis Eye Serum has mixed reviews, though the bulk of them are positive. Based on the comments we came across, the price point may be a little high for many consumers. We also noticed that this product was stronger in some areas than others—not so effective for crow’s feet, but great for dry skin and creating a more refreshed look.

Here are some of the comments we came across in our research:

“This eye cream works well on wrinkles around the eyes, but it does nothing for dark circles or puffiness. I put it in the fridge as recommended, and that didn’t seem to change anything. Not worth the money.”

“I’ve tried so many different products and let me just say, this product has really improved my wellbeing. I’ve been suffering from candida for so long, I couldn’t believe this finally knocked it out.”

“It actually works. I’ve had a yeast infection for nearly three years and I was skeptical that I would ever be rid of this terrible fate. I will continue to buy this product for the foreseeable future.”

“Been using Airbrush for about a year now, and I like it. It smells awesome and leaves my skin feeling smooth and supple. It doesn’t take away wrinkles, but I’ve yet to find anything that actually does.”

Most of the women who loved this product were in their 20s and 30s, so it’s likely wrinkles were less of a concern than preventing damage or hydrating skin.

There were a few mentions of allergic reactions to this product, meaning users need to be aware of what they are putting on their faces.

Additionally, many of the reviewers mentioned those product was great for dealing with puffy or tired eyes. It’s likely it’s just not the antiaging product it claims to be.

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Conclusion – Does Borealis Eye Serum Work?

Borealis Eye Serum fares a bit better than its free trial-scamming peers—at least in terms of reviews. While not especially positive, the product does have some decent feedback here and there.

That said, we can’t recommend this product to our readers. As an eye cream, there’s limited evidence that this product yields consistent results. Plus, there’s no official website, rather, a cut and pasted WordPress site, that’s more of a landing page for capturing credit card info for those interested in a free trial.

Borealis Eye Serum doesn’t provide enough information to potential consumers that make this product seem like a valuable option for consumers—even the “demonstration” photos on the site show a younger woman with heavy eye makeup on—masking the area where the serum would be applied.

These days there are so many options available for eye cream—whether you’re looking to prevent damage or repair years of neglect. Borealis Eye Serum is clearly not the best option for anyone, of any age or skin type.

Kremovage is our review experts’ favorite eye cream–providing a youthful, rested look with regular use. Natural ingredients like jojoba oil, green tea, and rose hip seed, along with nutrients like peptides and CoQ10 bring potent antiaging effects to users hoping to erase the visible signs of damaged skin.

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