Biggest Loser Phone Home

Last night’s Biggest Loser episode had one of the most exciting challenges yet. What’s better than watching grown adults slip-n-slide for more than an hour? We laugh- but that workout was incredibly intense, with a 200′ drop on the slide followed by a return hike up the hill.

biggest loser

It speaks to how we can find opportunities for exercise anywhere. While the summer faded into fall earlier this week, next summer, take advantage of the slip-n-slide your kids are playing on and not only join in the fun and camaraderie, but burn some calories, too.

 ed brantley

Last night’s prize was a much-desired phone call home. Orange team’s Heba and Ed earned that and when presented with an opportunity to share with another team, extended it to Red team’s Phillip and Amy.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Hey i was wondering how did you make that slip and slide please email me back as soon as you can

  2. I don’t know what to say about this? Why are you exploiting these obese people? Do you hate fat people that much??

    steve johnson

    I really find this kind of trash offensive

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