Biggest Loser 10 Premier Recap with Shay Sorrells

They didn’t go BIGGER this year, they went wider, as in nation-wide to find this season’s Biggest Loser contestants! Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels always start out by setting the stage for the season and this time they gave some pretty staggering statistics! The truth is, the shape of America is changing and it’s not for the better, so Biggest Loser is continuing to do their part to shape up America and inspire people to get out and get active!

I love how Bob and Jill got to go to spots across the country, lead workouts, lead challenges and talk with people who have done the journey on their own at home! I also loved how they showed several people who had tried out for the show or were inspired by the show and made the changes on their own at home. Daily, I get Facebook messages and tweets about how people wish they could workout with Bob and Jill and this season tons of people got that opportunity! SO amazing!

I think the whole challenge to get on the ranch is actually a really interesting twist. It really shows a “fight” in people to go after what they want. Yet, it’s heartbreaking because you know everyone needs it, but the reality is not everyone is going to make it. But if I know Biggest Loser like I know Biggest Loser, don’t count these people out too soon!

Every first episode I hear from so many viewers how emotional it is and, trust me, when you are sitting in that room baring your soul to a camera, it is very liberating and completely terrifying! You aren’t seeing the millions of people out there who relate to you, who are inspired by you, who believe in you. It is such a feeling of desperation! There were some truly tragic stories that were told in this episode and after being on a season with Abby and her story that rocked America to its core, I know that this season will touch many people’s lives who have lost loved ones and are finding a way to live again after the pain.

The one story that stood out to me is the story of Sandy Dolan from Oklahoma. Her brother had tried out for the show and didn’t make it. He then passed away from complications of obesity. I spend many hours on my Facebook, Twitter and website trying to inspire, inform and encourage people to make the needed changes in their lives and not to wait for Biggest Loser. The truth of the matter is, less that 400 people have EVER had a chance on the ranch, but there are MILLIONS who need it.

You have to make your own “ranch” and it is possible! I asked people to post their starting weight and losses on my Facebook during the premier. Instantly, over 200 people posted! That’s almost as many people who have been on Biggest Loser total! They never set foot on a ranch, they never had Jill in their face or a Bob pep talk. I want people to know, if anything, it is possible, and while I know I am lucky enough to speak from the “other side,” I remind you that I lost 100 pounds on the ranch in 9 weeks, but it took me almost a year to lose the other 125. Home is harder, but it can be done. That’s enough of my ranting! But I hope you can take the lesson from Sandy’s brother’s story as well!

As for the sneak peeks at the end of the premier: they look intense! Marines! Bob yelling? Disrespect to the trainers? Fights between contestants? I think we are in for a wild ride this season and it’s sure to have its tears and triumphs as well.

Stay tuned and look for my recaps and insights each week!

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