Alexandra White – Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

alexandra white biggest loserThe first elimination of the season is always a tough one – as the contestant doesn’t quite get a chance to prove herself, and there’s concern they didn’t have enough time on the ranch to really effect change in themselves. Unless that person is Alexandra White. She blazed on to the Biggest Loser ranch with a youthful spunk, energy and readiness to do whatever it took. Unfortunately, she fell below the yellow line and was voted off by her castmates. If there were any doubters out there, she proved them wrong last night in her “Where Are They Now” segment, in which she revealed a much leaner, healthier body and a continued go get ’em spirit!

Hear our interview in its entirety with Alexandra, then continue to read more about her journey.

In Alexandra’s “Where Are They Now” segment, she suggested that previously her weight had kept her from pursuing love interests. But that’s not the case anymore. Alexandra has turned her crush into a boyfriend, and is now dating fellow contestant Antoine Dove! Together they focus on creating their healthy lifestyle and enjoy running, kayaking and other activities.

Her new boyfriend also completely understands her commitment to spending four to six hours a day in the gym. She works out six days a week, and spends that time doing three hours of cardio and one hour of resistance training.

alexandra whiteWhen she’s not in the gym, she’s going to school, and Alexandra says she’s been able to strike a healthy balance between working out, studying and simply living her life. Part of that healthy balance is changing her lifestyle from the typical college lifestyle – full of calories, alcohol and low activity. She says she’s careful about what goes in her mouth, and even approached the food provider on her campus to learn the nutritional value (like calories) of the foods she’s eating. By watching calories, making smart food choices and avoiding alcohol, she’s been able to continue living a healthy college lifestyle.

Alexandra has also become a chef of sorts, and likes to create her own recipes. One personal favorite is a small pizza she has for lunch with a salad. A piece of Ezekiel bread is topped with a homemade marinara, quarter-cup of cheese and a slice of turkey for about 150 calories.

All of this proves that in the short time she was on the ranch, she really did learn some important skills and took away necessary tools like portion control and calorie counting – all things anyone can do at home. She also learned she has to push herself beyond her comfort zone to truly get the results she wants. For now, that’s “aiming to just work hard” and reach a personal goal of under 200 pounds. As of today, Alexandra had lost 70 pounds. “I think I’m doing very well,” she says.

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