Aabab Vaginal Tablets Review (UPDATED 2019): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Aabab Vaginal Tablets is a vaginal tightening supplement that is made with natural herbs which are said to be of a pure quality. This is also meant to get rid of odor, mucus, and also make it easier to perform in the bedroom.

Women of all ages are said to benefit from this, whether one has hormonal changes, lack of muscle tone, or are pregnant or post-birth. This is intended to soothe vaginal itching and unwanted discharge. They also add it reduces the risk for unwanted bacteria which can lead to infection.

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Two active ingredients are added to this:

Argilla Vitriolutum Quercus Infectoria

Argilla Vitriolutum: Mineral salt used to tighten the vagina while also working as an astringent to help contract tissue. This is an anti-bacterial mineral that is used in Indian practices. Much of the information about this comes from websites that look to sell this.

There was a respected OB/GYN named Marco Pelosi, a medical doctor which said that this can:

“dry out your vagina… neither healthy nor effective… hardens the vaginal skin”

According to this doctor, this ingredient can not only cause dehydration, but it can also increase the risk for contracting infectious diseases. By limiting lubrication it is said to also make it more difficult to engage in sexual intercourse.

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Quercus Infectoria: A kind of oak that has been used as a medicinal aid in Asia. This contains tannic acids which is unique in chemistry. It is most commonly added as an Ayurvedic aid that can provide astringent effects. This can then get rid of microbes, help increase the speed of wound healing, reduce inflammation, and provide antioxidant effects.

There is no information available as to what kind of an effect this may have when added to the vagina.  It’s not at all known if it can lead to side effects, or whether or not it is actually effective.

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Without much information from clinical studies to go on as far as application to the vagina, it’s impossible to determine what it can do. The astringent effects can get rid of microbes but this is also not selective, so it can potentially get rid of healthy bacteria that the vagina needs to stay healthy.

This can also dry out the vagina, thereby making it harder for one to have spontaneous intercourse when needed. As far as it being able to tighten the vagina, it’s unknown if this is truly a potential benefit.

No information is known about whether or not the dosage strength used is optimal either. The only studied ingredient is Quercus Infectoria; however this was not added to the vagina in any studies. Without more suitable information there is no way to determine what is truly possible.

One such claim made about Aabab Vaginal Tablets being:

“the fastest natural vagina tightening product”

This is not supported by any actual evidence in any form, and it’s unknown if they actually ran clinical studies, or how else they were able to determine such a benefit from this. They also say that in order to use it one must insert a tablet into their vagina, which for some women may be uncomfortable to do. It’s unknown if this is a safe practice or if there is a possibility for it lodging or causing uncomfortable symptoms. This is a very untraditional way to take any supplement meant to improve vaginal health.

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To use this they advise to use a tablet an hour before intercourse, or alternate ways to provide a tightening effect. Sales are offered from the official website, which a 24 tablet container selling for $40. This is exactly 24 days of use, but it’s unclear how they determine the vagina will be tightened and in what degree.

They claim results will be experienced from the first day of use, and while it sounds impressive, no evidence to support this claim is provided.

It’s not at all known as to what kind of an effect this may have when used inside of the vagina. These ingredients are lacking any sort of clinical studies for this intended purpose. It’s unknown if it will prevent unwanted smells, whether or not it is safe, what potential effect it can have for tightening the vagina, or if is in any way effective.

A panel of medical doctors who are gynecologists have all said either that it can be potentially dangerous, or what there is no evidence to support its use.

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Ayush Remedies is their official company name and they fail to give any contact information other than an email:

Email: info@aatablets.com

A 30 day money back guarantee is offered but they advise to use their products for a minimum of 2 weeks. One is only allowed to return unopened product, and this includes a 25% restocking fee. Therefore one would have to buy more than one package in order to try and also still get a refund. If one were to buy a single pack and open it, you wouldn’t be able to get a return.

There is not much known about this company from any 3rd party sites. They makes themselves very difficult to research as well since they do not list anything more than an email. It’s not known if they are an LLC, corporation, or incorporated business either.

You can read many bold claims on their official website but they fail to back it up with any sufficient evidence. Even the supposed benefits of all the ingredients are made without actually linking to any studies or proof.

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Only a handful of reviews can be found online, here’s what some women had to say:

“Gave me really bad allergies and there was really bad itching and rash”

“Made me really uncomfortable… what a waste of money and time. It was hard to apply and it just didn’t work for me”

“Hard to get out once you put it in”

“It actually does work”

There was just 2 sole positive experiences but those who said they didn’t like to complain of serious issues. Some had experienced very bad side effects which made it impossible to continue supplementation.

The symptoms experienced are what some gynecologists feared would happen when one were to use this supplement. This included dryness, itching, rash, and general sensation of discomfort.

The few positive reviews were also lacking sufficient details on what kinds of effects were experienced.

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It’s very difficult to try and research the sole 2 active ingredients in this blend due to the fact that most of the claims made are by sellers of this product. You can’t find any clinical studies to prove it can increase vaginal tightness, reduce odor, get rid of unwanted bacteria, or improve one’s quality of sex. This is likely why there are gynecologists who have advised not to take this supplement, and they also added it can be potentially unsafe. This was experienced by a few women who said there were side effects, and that they felt it was not worth trying. There are also complications in trying to research this company as there is insufficient details provided to determine how they operate and where they are based out of.

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2 Responses to Aabab Vaginal Tablets Review (UPDATED 2017): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

  1. Anthia says:

    I just bought Aabab tightening pills and I’ve used them for 8 nights almost and it is terrible , I now have terrible and embarassing symptoms of my vagina. It looks as though the pill gets stuck inside and it gets messy and dry all inside the vagina and I cannot get it all out. I cannot have sex without nastyness making a message everywhere , now my vagina has dryness and I’m not sure if the skin inside the vagina is peeling or if the capsule has buildt its self into my skin . In order to peel it off I have to rub it in a circle motion and j cannot get it out from inside. I am more depressed that I was before. Aabab vaginal tightening pills are a scam , they really don’t care what they put inside the customers as long as the reviews are good and they money is rolling in .

  2. Kriti says:

    Please don’t buy it from ..it’s a waste of money. Doesnt make any improvement

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