3 Yoga Poses for Better Communication

Has the cat got your tongue? Most of us know what it feels like to be rendered speechless, but if you consider what goes on in your day-to-day life it’s unlikely that you will be left speechless very often. However, speaking the truth is not an easy task, which is why so many struggle with clear and concise communication.

Communicating well is not just a skill needed by charismatic leaders. It is a crucial and necessary function for anyone interested in developing strong relationships in work, and in personal life. Consider the consequences of not being able to get your point across, and you’ll soon understand the importance of speaking, writing, or transmitting information clearly.

The following yoga poses help to open and stimulate your throat chakra, the energetic center of communication in your body. When your throat chakra is awake and alive, you will have no trouble speaking your heart, and your mind.

Shoulder Stand

This inverted pose affects the throat chakra by flushing the ears, neck, and throat with blood. While an effective communicator speaks well, they are also able to listen constructively. If the throat chakra is blocked, we may practice what some psychologists call selective deafness, as to hear only what we want to hear. Shoulder stand is a great pose to create a flood of energy through your organs of communication. If inversions are contraindicated for you, try practicing bridge pose, for the same results.

Fish Pose

After spending five to 15 breaths in shoulder stand or bridge pose, move your body into fish pose. This pose works to squeeze stagnate energy out of your throat chakra. Have you ever felt the kind of lump in your throat when you wanted to cry that left you all choked up and unable to speak? This is the result of energy getting stuck in your throat chakra. Practice fish pose to release it.

Lion’s Breath

Now that you have flushed, squeezed, and restored an energy balance in your throat chakra, it’s time to hear you roar. Practice letting your voice be heard by completing three to five rounds of lion’s breath. Be sure and not hold back as you roar loudly like a proud lion.

Enhance your quality of life and your relationships by improving your ability to communicate effectively. Remember, communicating well is equally about taking in information as much as it is about sharing information.

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