The Year 2048: Every American is Fat!

What’s the highest percentage of Americans you can imagine being overweight at any given time? With numbers trending up for the last several decades, will it peak? Well, according to a government-funded study it’s projected to be 100 percent of the population.

ObesityOf course this is ludicrous if taken literally. You’d have to think that there would cease to be athletes, professional and amateur, and that everyone else who is dedicated to healthy living would go the way of the dinosaurs.

But take the warning seriously for what it portends – we still haven’t peaked! That isn’t just bad for every individual. One must wonder where the breaking point will be with regards to health care costs. You think your health care is expensive now, just wait until 85 percent of the population is overweight. We’re already to the to the two-thirds mark.

Researchers say if the current trend continues, we’ll be there by 2030. And the estimated health care cost for just the obesity-related issues is $957 billion in 2030.

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