The Shocking Diet Disaster You’re Probably Guilty Of

If you measure out your portions of oatmeal, rice or any other food, you must watch this video clip. Just when you think you are being a discplined diet disciple, along comes some news about how inaccurate our attempts to measure and weigh our morning oatmeal have been.

Even when we use measuring cups and spoons to astutely control our portions of breakfast cereal, peanut butter, oil and countless other foods, our measurements may far exceed the weight of the recommended portion size that we are basing our calorie counts on.  We are often consuming 50 to 150 calories more than what we thought we were eating! Yikes!

I don’t know about you, but I often measure foods like peanut butter, oil, and rolled oats just to make sure that I’m not overdoing it. I am shocked to learn that my meticulous, but studious, ways of portion control are ridden with errors.

food scaleThe way to correct this is to have on hand both measuring units like cups and spoons as well as a scale that calculates the weight of food (usually measured in grams). This weight is what you use to compare the portion size on your food label to what you are actually consuming. You can then adjust your portions according to whatever number appears on the scale.

There are many scales on the market. The EatSmart Nutritional scale does not just measure the weight of your food, it will also do a quick analysis of the nutritional content based on USDA standards. The scale will do these measurements for more than 1000 fresh foods, as well as packaged store items.

I think I’m on my way out the door to buy a measuring scale!

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