Tara Stiles Yoga Anywhere DVD Interview and Free Giveaway

UPDATE: The winner, MIO, was selected 10/1/10.

Tara Stiles has been referred to as “the coolest yoga instructor ever” by Vanity Fair. She is the founder of the New York-based yoga studio Strala and personal yoga instructor to Deepak Chopra.

As the face and resident expert of the Women’s Health Yoga Channel, Tara promotes the ideology of “yoga for everyone‚” and incorporating it into your everyday routine, whether you’re at the office or sitting on the couch. Tara is also the Yoga Master for the Master the Shift program, a national health initiative sponsored by Nissan.

As if Stiles wasn’t busy enough, she just released her new DVD, Yoga Anywhere: The New York Sessions, and she has a book out today called, Slim, Calm and Sexy.

DietsInReview.com had the pleasure of speaking with Tara about Yoga Anywhere. At the end of the interview, you can enter a chance to win a free copy of Tara’s new Yoga Anywhere DVD. Read on to find out how.

Tell us about Yoga Anywhere: The New York Sessions.We took the philosophy that you can do yoga anywhere and went to different sites and landmarks around New York City to do yoga. We wanted to create yoga routines that were fun and light-hearted, but accessible enough so that they can be practiced at home.

What was your goal with creating Yoga Anywhere?

We really wanted to make a DVD that could be practiced by anyone and that can be practiced every day. The hour-long session in Yoga Anywhere is designed for the beginner or the advanced student who wants to practice yoga for a variety of reasons whether it is to reduce stress or lose weight.

We also wanted to make something really fun. Yoga can be very serious. And while yoga’s seriousness is not a bad thing, we wanted to show the light-hearted and silly side to practicing yoga. When doing the routines, don’t worry about being perfect. In fact, you’ll see me falling over in a few of the postures.

What advice do you have for the person who is interested in starting a yoga practice?

Yoga is so popular right now and it is easy to feel intimidated. You may have to shop around until you find a style of yoga that clicks with you. But, my advice to beginners is to keep an open mind. Yoga is never about the pose. Whether it’s walking through a yoga studio with your friend or picking up a yoga DVD to do at home, always remember to come back to your breath and listen to your body. And have faith that you will feel better after doing yoga.

Many people who practice yoga attest to the health benefits that come from it. In your opinion, what is the connection between yoga and leading a healthier life?

With yoga, you begin to pay more attention to yourself and that involves doing things to take better care of yourself.  In regards to diet, yoga develops the food and mind connection. After you do yoga, you feel good, so you’re more apt to treat your body well. Choosing foods that are healthy becomes an extension of your yoga practice.

In traditional fitness forms, like lifting weights or running, this connection is hard to find. Oftentimes after a gym workout, you reward yourself by eating something not-so healthy. But with yoga, healthy living is the reward.

Thanks Tara!

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