Soffe’s New Styles Amp Up Summer Fitness Fashion

In the winter months, it is nice and easy to cover up in sweats and baggy t shirts in the confines of the gym, but in the summer, taking your fitness routine outdoors will give you an extra boost of mood enhancing vitamin D. That mood, however, can quickly drop when you realize that taking your workout outdoors means being seen in public- and those ratty cover ups aren’t going to cut it.

As shallow as it sounds, many women say their motivation to workout correlates directly to how they think they look: if you feel down about your appearance, you are less likely to workout. Conversely, if you feel good about the way you look, you are more likely to not only show your hot self off, but continue to improve on your appearance with exercise- and a cute outfit is the fastest and easiest way to feel good about yourself.

I know when I think of Soffe, I think of comfy baseball tees and solid cheer shorts, but Soffe is ramping up their style to help you not only beat the heat while exercising outdoors this summer, but make a fashion statement at the same time.

Soffe has a new line of running shorts that come in a wide variety of bright, summery colors with cute side inserts like floral patterns and zebra and leopard prints. You won’t be able to wait to pound the pavement a look good while doing it.

The shorts are more than just cute, though. They are comfortable and flattering, and come with an inside brief lining for modesty (a welcome addition if you are stretching– usually why I don’t wear shorts to the gym. When I do, incidentally enough, I wear Soffe’s traditional cotton cheer shorts with a pair of spandex on underneath, but that’s beside the point.)

Cute and trendy workout clothes are becoming more mainstream as America becomes more and more concerned with exercise and living a healthy lifestyle, and their price tags are starting to reach the levels of high fashion clothing. Soffe has managed to keep their prices low and reasonable while raising the style caliber. You can buy Soffe’s running shorts for a reasonable $19.99, and with so many cute styles, you’ll want to stock up!

While Soffe provided Kelly with a sample product, this review is not sponsored or influenced in any way and remains the author’s own opinion.

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