Six Tips for a Healthier and More Filling Breakfast

Healthy BreakfastsMore and more research is showing that a healthy and filling breakfast is beneficial to weight loss. Here are some tips for getting more nutrients into that morning meal.

1. Think outside the cereal box. Breakfast is a great time to get whole grains into your diet. Try cooking up some brown rice, quinoa or polenta for a new take on breakfast grains.

2. Go for the protein and fiber combo. It will keep you full and energized all morning. Try putting beans and spinach or other green veggies in an omelet.

3. Get a serving of fruit in your pancakes. Stir in slices of apples, bananas, kiwi or strawberries, and don’t miss our blueberry pancake recipe.

4. Pick a better butter. Cream cheese is tasty on bagels and English muffins, but it’s also high in fat. Try a nut butter, like peanut better or almond butter, for a spread that’s healthier and higher in protein.

5. Switch to plain yogurt. Instead of a sugary yogurt, add nuts, flax and fruit to plain yogurt.

6. Go for a green smoothie. Try adding cucumber, fresh spinach or raw broccoli to a fruit smoothie. A little of these antioxidant-filled foods will go a long way, use just a quarter cup and the veggie taste won’t overwhelm the fruit.

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