Leave the Peel, Get the Vitamins

Potato PeelsSkinning and peeling fruits and veggies adds a lot of time to meal-prep. But did you know that it’s also stripping away a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber?

When people talk about the benefits of eating whole foods, part of that means keeping foods whole—like leaving the skin. If a fruit or vegetable has a skin so thin you can puncture it with your thumbnail, chances are, you don’t need to peel it. This includes apples, tomatoes, grapes, eggplant, carrots, pears and potatoes. Even if a recipe calls for peeled produce, try leaving the skin. We love mashed potatoes with pieces of peel, not only does it add flavor, it also has potassium, fiber, and vitamin B (just go easy on the butter).

We know that we’re not going to convince anyone to start eating orange and lemon peels, although they do contain vitamin C. But don’t underestimate the power of fresh citrus zest, it can be a flavorful way to dress up a glass of water or add a little tartness to salad dressing.

One last health tip: you should always rinse your produce before consuming, but buying organic products eliminates the chances of pesticide residue ending up in your food.

Via GreenPlanet.

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