Jimmy Fallon’s Pre-Emmy Diet Involves Crunches with The Situation

The biggest night in television is just days away, and everyone in Hollywood is preparing. The 62nd annual Emmy Awards will air this Sunday, August 29 on NBC and for the first time in more than 30 years will be live on both coasts. Hosting this year is late night funny man Jimmy Fallon, who says he’s proud of the work they’ve done for this year’s show and is so excited about everyone seeing it he wishes they could just air it early.

We had a chance to speak with Jimmy as he took a break from rehearsals at the Nokia Theater in Hollywood. He said one of the biggest challenges facing him in preparation for the show has been keeping his weight down. It seems as though the ladies aren’t the only ones trying to lose weight before their red carpet appearances, Jimmy as well “just wants to lose weight.” He said if you were to ask him what he’s wearing, he’ll tell you Spanx made by Tom Ford.

Listen now to hear more with Jimmy and how he’s ensuring the tux fits Sunday night. His tactics may involve 5,000 crunches a day with Jersey Shore‘s The Situation. He also talks about the weight loss show he enjoys, and which he thinks has “derailed.”

Jimmy confesses that his apartment is “a museum of 2010 television,” saying that five TIVOs record everything from Jersey Shore to Ask This Old House. You might also find a season pass to Biggest Loser, a show he thinks is “amazing.” He says he likes the message it sends that it is possible to make a drastic difference for yourself.

On the other side of the weight loss TV coin, he’s given up on Celebrity Fit Club, saying the second season lost the fitness angle and seemed to want more of the scandal and it “got weird.” In that vein however, he thinks Dr. Drew is awesome and likes the way he tries to help these individuals without the scandal and drama.

Thousands of crunches with The Situation might seem like a stretch for even that beefy Jersey boy, but Jimmy does say he focuses on a lot of cardio, which involves a daily date with the treadmill. He also drinks a green juice every day, a mixture of kale, spinach, cucumber and other nutrient-rich green veggies that he admits tastes just like lawn clippings.

It’s all in the name of good health, and to help Jimmy not run out of breath while reading names on the Emmy stage.

You can see Jimmy Fallon “embrace a great year in television” as he hosts the Emmy’s August 29, 2010 live on NBC (5–8 p.m. PT/8-11 p.m. ET).

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