Jets’ Kris Jenkins Loses 34 Pounds on Cookie Diet

What seems like the kind of diet a big ol’ defensive lineman would gravitate towards? Besides something like Atkins or any other diet that would allow them to nosh on steaks every day, maybe one that is centered around cookies.

And that’s what New York Jets defensive lineman Kris Jenkins resorted to in order to drop some excess weight on the eve of his team’s training camp. With the help of Dr. Sanford Siegal’s Cookie Diet, Jenkins lost 34 pounds in the off-season. That brings the 6′ 4″ Jenkins down to 359 pounds, which even by today’s NFL standards is huge.

“It’s basically a supplement to your daily diet,” Jenkins said after the morning practice. “It’s not something where you’re fasting or trying to starve yourself. It’s not some type of gimmick. It’s something that actually works.”

Not that I would say it to his face, but it’s not a gimmick? It may work, but replacing two meals with special cookies is pretty gimmicky. Either way Jenkins is such a strong proponent of the Cookie Diet, he may sign on as a spokesperson.

The always outspoken and often funny New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan had this to say:

“I really can’t comment on the cookie diet… I ate a bunch of cookies and it’s not working for me.”

(via: ESPN)

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