Jersey Shore’s Sammi Sweetheart Stops Eating Pasta

Jersey Shore's Sammi diet and workoutLest she be left off the Jersey Shore‘s diet party bus, Sammi “Sweetheart” has revealed her diet and weight loss strategy. Unlike her female co-stars, Sammi chose to lose weight by relatively conventional means. Snooki reached her weight loss on Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet and J-WOWW is taking the controversial pregnancy hormone, hCG.

How did Sammi Sweetheart drop 15 pounds? She stopped eating pasta, which just might be as sacrilegious for the guidette as cookie meal-replacements or hawking hormones. She confessed that giving up noodles had been hard. “I miss it like crazy, but I don’t eat pasta anymore. I eat my vegetables and try to stay healthy,” she said.

Sammi said that all the toned bodies around in Miami inspired her to get in shape. “You have to look good in Miami because beautiful people are everywhere you look! You don’t want to turn into a slob.” In addition to the low carb diet, she toned up with an intensive cardio workout. “I do soccer drills — I jog a lap, then sprint, jog the rest of the way, then sprint again,” Sammi explained.  “I just changed my diet, and the next thing you know the pounds just came off.”

Via Life & Style.

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