Immunity up for Grabs in Money Hungry Episode 4 Recap

This week on Money Hungry, things in the house were tense! Mission Slimpossible was on a rampage, upset at the Regulators that they did not vote with them. There was talk of a potential alliance between the two teams, but knowing Regulators I don’t believe that there was ever anything there more than the Regulators telling Slimpossible what they needed to hear.

The challenge this week was less demeaning than normal; it was essentially a fat camp version of what you would expect to see on Survivor. Since the show did not do the best job of explaining the challenge, I will detail it out here. One member of each team starts by jumping into the pool and ducking under a safety rope. In between the two safety ropes there are colored balls representing each team. The first task is to find the colored ball for the team that you want to vote for. Once you’ve secured said ball, you then duck under the other safety rope, take it to the designated underwater rig, and attach it with the carbineer. Once the team’s rig has filled up with balls, the team is eliminated.

With the numbers to our advantage this week, the Family managed to win the challenge. After we had eliminated all of the Orphanage members, it was really just a matter of, “Hey guys, who wants immunity?”. We settled on the Regulators, and with that, the Orphanage was struck its first blow in this game. Back at the house tensions overflowed from last week and the challenge, and we see Mission Slimpossible and the Regulators almost get into a physical fight.

In the end, Mission Slimpossible received the majority of the house votes (5, to the 4 received by yours truly) and sent the Pair of Nuts home. Ending the episode we hear Marco talking ominously about sending each and every person in the house home. Tune in next week to find out if Marco can walk the walk with all that talk!

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