How Olympians Keep Stress at Bay


Ever wonder what goes through Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson’s mind seconds before she begins her fiery sprint to jump off the vault? She might be singing a tune of one of her favorite singers,  British and soloist, Kate Nash.shawn johnson

“It helps to keep my mind focused and to keep my butterflies at a minimum,” says Johnson who just won the silver medal in the all-around Women’s gynmastic event.

These elite athletes’ unfathomable ability to tune out the roar of the crowd and rise above the enormous pressure that lays upon their shoulders is what makes them so world-class and spectacular.

Even though we may seem like we are world’s away from their capacity to be bigger than their stress, it is comforting to know that the techniques they use to calm their nerves might be very similar to some of the ways that you have eased your own anxiety during a tense situation.

Shawn Johnson’s stress-relieving techniques were quoted from the August issue of Self magazine.

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