Go Behind the Scenes at Biggest Loser with Bernie

How much time do the Biggest Loser contestants actually spend with Jillian and Bob?

Do the contestants receive pay for being on the show?

Do you get to go shopping before you leave campus for new clothes?biggest loser

These are just a few of our burning Biggest Loser questions. What are yours? We want you to tell us your questions, and Bernie is going to take us behind the cameras at Biggest Loser with the answers. Then sign-up for the Biggest Loser Updates newsletter to see the exclusive first look at the answers in the first issue.

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6 Responses to Go Behind the Scenes at Biggest Loser with Bernie

  1. JayCee says:

    I have a question: How much time do the contestants actually get to share with the trainers? Is it one hour a day just for the show or are they around during the in and outs of daily life at the Biggest Loser Ranch?

    – Jay Cee

  2. You KNOW I’ve always been curious about clothing – for the voting ceremonies AND for when the contestants go home . . . I’m also curious about the general dynamics of the house. It seems like everyone gets along but – do they just sit around and chit chat or do the workouts, the Q&A with the producers, the challenges, the eating and sleeping and the general pressures of being in the house keep everyone from spending much real “time” together. I have also wondered – and we’ve seen hints of this during a few of the seasons – what happens if you have a real issue with your trainer or vice versa? How much does that change the team and house dymamic(s)? I’m SURE I will have more quesitons but those are the burning ones for now.

  3. Amyv says:

    This is so exciting, I always watch these shows wondering how it all comes together. I would love to know how much downtime the contestants have….they definitely show them in the gym quite a bit but I have to believe there is plenty of time they are sitting around the house. If that is the case what are they doing in their downtime? Also, as they slim down how does that play into the contestants wardrobes since I assume with them being on the ranch the full time there are no shopping trips.

  4. Jen says:

    I hope someone can give a real, not sanitized to be evasive answer to the following: there was a trainer, Kim (kinda forgettable actually except for what I am going to describe) who seems to no longer be with the show. She had a falling out and was actually behaved quite childishly with one of the contestants, never apologizing or even listening to the contestant (who tried to make things right) without interrupting and getting defensive. She seemed to have some anger issues…Is that why she isn’t on the show? Viewers appreciate that Bob and Jillian seem like real, genuine, honest-to-goodness real people, inside and out. Please dig up a real answer–Bob and Jillian rock! Please investigate tensions between the trainers themselves & producers, and Kim’s difficulty resolving anything or taking responsibility for her role in a contestant’s lack of respect for her. The contestant did very well when she went to another team. Did the producers, casting people etc. really think that a fake blonde was gonna do it for us? thank you! from a real fan of the show–I will continue to watch it if Kim is not on it again–

  5. bc says:

    I want to know how much of the show is scripted. Are there writers on the ranch that coach the contestant to help make good TV?

  6. Scout says:

    I am wondering if the contestants get to hang out and have fun at all on the campus. I know you do a lot of working out, but do you ever just get to hang out and watch movies with Bob and Jillian?

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