Fifty Percent of Women Say They Would Rather Give Up Sex Than Gain Weight

Fifty Percent of Women Willing to Sacrifice Sex for WeightlossWhat would you give up to avoid weight gain? In a survey conducted on behalf of NutriSystem, half of women said they would rather go without sex for a summer than gain 10 pounds. About a quarter of men agreed. However, more than half the participants polled felt that they needed to lose weight in order to feel sexy, about 66 percent.

The survey, called the NutriSystem Diet Index, also asked what people would be willing to give up for a summer in exchange for a flat stomach. Fifty-four percent said they would sacrifice watching TV or shopping, 42 percent said they would give up using a cellphone and 38 percent said they would forgo their computers. “What this shows is that people are highly motivated to not gain weight,” said NutriSystem vice president of research and development Bruce Daggy. “They recognize what it will do to their feeling of well-being and fitness.”

Despite all the sacrifices that people claim they would make to lose weight or tighten their tummies, many are not willing to sacrifice the thing that would actually lead to weight loss. Half of those surveyed said that they don’t diet because they’re not willing to give up their favorite foods. Perhaps the hypothetical nature of the poll leads people to believe that they could make extravagant sacrifices without the danger of their claims ever being tested.

Via USA Today.

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