Cut the Cookies: 10 Healthy Snacks for Kids

healthy kids snacksYou wouldn’t serve your kids sugary drinks, cookies or heavily salted crackers for dinner. So why is this stuff over at snack time? Because that’s the way these products are marketed, in neat single serving packages. Kids’ snacks should be thought of as mini-meals, with opportunity to get in a serving of whole grains, fruits or vegetables.

Here to help are 10 ideas for healthy and kid-friendly snacks:

1. A small cup of low-fat yogurt with whole grain crackers
2. Mini bagels spread with hummus
3. Whole grain pretzels with skim milk
4. Ants on a log: Spread peanut butter in a stick of celery, top with raisins
5. Peanut butter spread over slices of apple
6. Healthy smoothie: Mix 1/4 cup fresh or frozen fruit, 1/4 cup of mill and 1/4 cup yogurt in a blender. (Kids will also have fun helping make this one!)
7. Pudding made from low fat milk topped with berries and nuts
8. Healthy trail mix: mix and match raisins, chopped nuts, sunflower seeds, roasted soy nuts, dried fruits, and a moderate amount of yogurt chips.
9. Sprinkle parmesan on low-fat microwave popcorn (Skip the fake cheese used in many kids snack foods.)
10. Low-fat cheese with whole grain crackers and a cup of orange juice

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