Comfort Bar Offers a Gluten-Free Protein Bar

comfort bar protein barsFor the thousands of sufferers out there who are either gluten intolerant or have a hard time digesting wheat, there is a protein bar out there for you. The Comfort Bar, sold online exclusively on Oaks at Ojai and in limited retail locations in the U.S., packs 15 grams of protein and five grams of fiber into every bar. There are no corn syrups, trans fats, artificial flavors or sweeteners, which is important as a protein bar with a list of junk ingredients is not what we would call a healthy snack.

Our recommendation when looking at protein bars is to look at the ingredient list to make sure it doesn’t contain any unhealthy ingredients and make sure it has at least 10 grams of protein and less than 10 grams of sugar.

Comfort Bar hits the mark with additional protein, but is slightly higher on the sugar content. With that said, the bars are sweetened with agave nectar, which does not spike blood sugar as it is slowly absorbed in our system and is a popular sweetener used among diabetics.

Comfort Bar is a nice option for meal replacement, especially for those on the go. For a snack, we typically like fruit and nuts as whole foods that aren’t processed in any way and provide more nutrients; but in a pinch, protein bars can be a good option. Also, for those with food allergies (gluten and wheat) this protein bar could, as the name states, provide you some comfort.

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