Burger King’s Caloric Nightmare: NY Pizza Burger

Burger King has done it again. The home of the Whopper and the Steakhouse XT, Burger King has recently unveiled a new Whopper Bar in New York’s Times Square. The Whopper Bar is a place where customers can create a Whopper to their specifications, or choosing from such offerings as the Bourbon Whopper, topped with fried onion rings and the Meat Beast, topped with bacon and pepperoni.

Now they’ve managed to even surpass those calorie bombs with their newest offering, the NY Pizza Burger.

This two-in-one dish contains four Whopper patties, sliced pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. It’s topped with pesto and marinara sauce. Designed to be shared, it comes in six slices, just like a pizza and is four times the size of a regular Whopper.

At a price of $13, the customer will be eating more than 2,500 calories, 144 grams of fat – 59 of them saturated fat. It also contains an amazing 3,780 milligrams of salt – more than double the daily amount allotted for adults.

This calorie bomb is a tribute to New York City, where next month at Burger King’s Times Square Whopper Bar you will be able to eat more calories in one setting than you ever imagined.

But, if early opinions from the tastemakers, if there is such a thing for fast food, are any indication, the pizza burger may be dead on arrival:

“It succeeds in the semiotic suggestion of a pizza,” says Joshua David Stein of Eater.com, “but it doesn’t really taste like a burger and certainly tastes not a lick like a Whopper, a strange failure for the pièce de résistance of a Whopper Bar.”

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