Biggest Loser’s Ashley and Koli on Love, Weight and the Biggest Loser Resort [VIDEO]

Don’t think that the confetti falls on the Biggest Loser finale and the contestants walk away with a clean bill of health and a pass to settle in to their new reality. No, for many, there can still be much work to do on their weight, continued learning on fitness and nutrition, and the effort to instill new healthy habits. That is the case for season nine finalist Ashley Johnston and season nine at-home winner Koli Palu.

The two spent the past week at the Biggest Loser Resort, where Ashley says she’s still working to trim away an additional 15 pounds to reach her goal. She says she’s not in any hurry though, and happy to lose it at a slow, healthy rate of about two pounds per week. Joining her is Koli, who transversely is working to gain weight. He says his finale weight of 188 pounds “would be impossible” to maintain, and he’s working to reach the 220-230 range, a weight he thinks is healthy and sustainable.

Ashley and Koli aren’t just good friends spending a week at the Resort, though. It broke last week that the two are now a couple, a relationship they say was founded in becoming the best of friends at the ranch, and that they decided to push to the next level during their recent trip to the San Francisco Triathlon. When asked why Biggest Loser turns out so many lasting relationships, as opposed to the many failures by Bachelor and Bachelorette, he says “this is experience is totally real” and bashes the idea of meeting someone and falling in love in a brief four-week period.

Watch now to hear the happy duo talk more about their weight loss, what they love about the Biggest Loser Ranch, and to hear about their blossoming romance.

Ashley says “life is really good right now”, and can’t say enough good things about how wonderful and beautiful the Biggest Loser Resort is. She speaks highly of the food, classes and calls it a “complete experience.” Koli compliments the Resort saying “it’s a lot better than the ranch” because it allows you to wholly focus on yourself, whereas on the Biggest Loser ranch, contestants are the focus of a television reality show. “You can come here and focus on you,” he says.

Ashley says the Resort is structured and promotes accountability, and you can work on the mental aspect by attending their many classes and workshops. Without the pressure to lose 20 pounds in a week you’re able to work on the deeper issues related to your weight loss.

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