Biggest Loser 8 Premieres Tuesday, September 15

This season, it’s all about second chances. In this first sneak peek of the upcoming Biggest Loser 8 season, meet a few of the individuals who are sure to inspire us all over again. Watch carefully for a very familiar face!

daniel wright biggest loserThat’s right, Daniel Wright from season 7 is back! At the last Biggest Loser finale Daniel said you know you’re in trouble when you lose 142 pounds and you’re still obese. Who better to get a second chance? And if he puts half the effort in to this as he did last season, we have no doubt he’ll blow our minds, and make us fall for him, all over again!

You’ll also see Amanda, the 19-year-old woman who America chose at the Biggest Loser 7 finale. She’s got a second chance to re-start her life and lose most of that 257 pounds that’s been burdening her.

And finally, we meet a mother of two who lost her husband and both young children in a car accident. She says “I have to believe that I’m here for something way bigger.” No doubt she won’t let this second chance get away from her, and she’ll prove there is something much bigger waiting for her on and off that scale.

Tune in to NBC Tuesday, September 15 for the premiere of Biggest Loser 8. Then join us each Wednesday as Mike Morelli, of season 7, gives his video recap.

This season, let’s live our lives outloud, and give ourselves a second chance to reach the goals we’ve always strove for.

Like the premiere song? Get Rob Thomas’ “Someday.”

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