Biggest Loser 6: Tom Desrochers Sr.

Tom Desrochers Sr. is the father-half of the grey team, with son Tom Desrochers Jr., in Biggest Loser: Families.

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tom desrochers sr.

Age 42

Hometown Everett, MA

Occupation Cab Driver

Biggest Loser: Families teammate Tom Desrochers Jr., Son

Team Color Grey

Trainer Jillian Michaels

Starting Weight 314

Final Weight 236

Total Loss -78

Percent Lost 24.84


  • “I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never been to a gym before.” – Week 1


  • Grey team starts as the heaviest team in the house
  • After leaving Biggest Loser, he is no longer taking any of the 9 pills he started with. He has gotten rid of his high blood pressure and diabetes.

Other spellings: tom, thomas, thom, tommy, tim, tomm, derochers, desrocher, deroche, des rochers

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