3 Tips for Olympic-Sized Inspiration in Every Day Life

Do you ever stop to wonder what gives someone the motivation to be the best at what they do? So many people are content with living the status quo, yet others decide life is too short so they go all-out and make the most of what they can.

The Olympic Games are a great opportunity for people around the world to witness the result of fierce dedication and a lot of hard work. Every few years we are delighted and amazed by the incredible ability of the human body. From skilled gymnasts to super-fit long distance runners, the Olympics leave many of us in a state of awe. What would this world be like if we were all so inspired to be our best?

If you are lacking the motivation to be your best, whether it is being a loving parent, an A+ student, or a better athlete, the following tips will help you find and utilize your own inner wellspring of Olympic-sized inspiration.

Set a Goal

It is too easy to fail and falter if we don’t have a direction. Setting a goal is important because it not only gives us a benchmark from which to launch, it instills the motivation to work toward something. Realistic goals, however, are crucial. You don’t have to aspire to be of gold medal caliber tomorrow. Instead, set a goal you know you can meet and let your accomplishment spawn the next goal.

Enjoy the Process

Nothing squelches inspiration more than not enjoying what you do. We have all heard the phrase that says something about the importance of the journey and not the destination, so make it a point to enjoy the time spent reaching your goal. If you don’t, you will likely give up, and quitters aren’t inspired.

Thank Yourself

When you have reached your goal, however small or large it may be, take a moment to thank yourself for your hard work and effort. Having a bit of gratitude is the best reward, and this type of reward is what will keep you striving to be your best.

Olympic-sized inspiration can be yours. All you need to do to be your absolute best is start with a goal, enjoy your work, and thank yourself. When you are inspired, it will not only help you, it will help and inspire those around you. And just like the Olympic athletes that leave us in awe, your inspiration will also be a great contribution to the world.

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