Unsung Hereos of the Slim Down

Josie Maurer, creator of YumYucky.com, spreads the message of finding balance between fitness and your greedy side. She lost over 40 pounds after the birth of her fourth child through sensible eating and exercise, yet she still maintains her love for large slices of cake.

Who says the booty, thighs and stomach should get all the credit? Those other body parts deserve some kudos, too. When you set your eyeballs in the mirror to assess the shrinking progress of your body, do you daydream about that pivotal moment you achieve goal weight in your left pinky toe?

Umm. No.

But here’s the happy news. Those body parts you aren’t necessarily focused on right now are going to be your happy unsung heroes as the weight comes off. The collarbone is a hero and the feet are, too. Take a glance at your lovely little fingers. They’re on their way to losing weight.

Not quite sold on the free hype I’m selling? I turned to the happy people of Facebook and Twitter to validate these claims. I asked, “Excluding your booty, stomach and thighs, what body part(s) were you pleasantly surprised to see lose weight?”

The proof is in these weight loss testimonials:

  • My rings were loose on my fingers…a very cool thing. L. Giles
  • My collar bones! They are quite sexy! @SerialGriller1
  • MANBOOBS. Enough said. @darnfood
  • No Man Boobs. @nomorebacon
  • Cheeks! (The ones on my face). @WishfulLayla
  • My face! My smile is much brighter too. @meikame
  • My feet! Smaller shoe size and I no longer need wide shoes. @unlikelytonynea
  • Chinny chin chin! @RingAroundRinn

Nothing quite compares to the taming the tummy, the slimming of the thighs and the de-bulging of the booty (I know this very well), but there’s more good stuff in store. As your trouble zone all-stars respond to the healthy food you gnaw on mixed with sweaty exercising, your entire body is transforming and taking awesome new shape. Even that left pinky toe.

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