Ruby’s Diet is now Ourlife Health

ourlife health logoLast year, Ruby Gettinger won our hearts on the Style Network as the star of “Ruby,” an honest and real look into this woman’s journey to lose weight, and a lot of it. Once topping the scales at 500 pounds, Ruby made millions of us laugh, cry and motivated as she began a near unfathomable hurtle of losing some of the 500 pounds she carried. As she began to lose weight, she started to work with Dr. Paul Bradley, a primary care physician and obesity specialist residing in Savannah, Georgia. He taught Ruby the three main components of successful and long-term weight loss: Diet, education and exercise.

ruby gettingerNow with the assistance of Dr. Bradley’s team of physicians and registered dietitians, Ruby’s and Dr. Bradley’s plan can be experienced by anyone who is looking to lose weight in a convenient and healthy manner. The Ourlife Health weight loss program is a meal delivery program that makes fresh, calorie and portion controlled meals and delivers them to your door each week. These meals, like Tequila Shrimp Salad with Lime Cilantro Dressing, Fresh Atlantic Cod with Asian Soy Glaze and Grilled Veggie Pasta Bake, are the same meals that Ruby dines on as she continues on her mission to lose weight. Thus far, she has lost 150 pounds, having previously followed Hourglass Weight Loss and now following the Ourlife program.

While the Ourlife program is a comprehensive program offering exercise and counseling in addition to the delivered meals, it is currently only available in full access to those who live in the Savannah, Georgia region. Fortunately, the program will be expanding its online services in the coming months so that these complete services can be available to anyone around the country who is looking to lose weight.

Don’t forget to tune in to Season 2 of “Ruby” starting July 5 on the Style Network.

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