Prostate Protection Review (UPDATED 2019): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Prostate Protection is an herbal supplement that uses Ayurvedic techniques to improve prostate health and functionality. This involves improved urological performance, including less pain during urination, more complete emptying of the bladder, and fewer instances of urine becoming trapped in the urethra.

Their advertising claims that Prostate Protection provides a holistic approach to prostate support by providing herbal nutrition that helps to balance the vata, pitta, and kapha (VPK) doshas that Ayurvedic medicine believes are necessary for preventing disease and discomfort. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian form of healing practice that is not always supported by Western science but that has its own long traditional and anecdotal history.

The prostate health supplement that our experts trust to be effective for the highest percentage of men is called Prostatrinex. It uses a potent, diverse blend of ingredients that all have their own clinically established histories of effectiveness for helping to improve prostate, bladder, and urinary health and performance. Follow this link to read testimonials from previous Prostatrinex users about their experiences to see if it may be helpful for your specific needs.

How Does Prostate Protection Work?

Prostate Protection uses a very different formula than the average generic prostate health supplements that are found in America. Instead of a formula that features ingredients like saw palmetto, pygeum, and lycopene or core health ingredients like copper, selenium, alanine or glutamine, it instead focuses on herbal ingredients that tend to have strong anti-inflammatory effects.

The only ingredient that Prostate Protection uses that our team actually recommends for prostate health products is zinc, which is an essential trace element that is found in its highest concentrations in the prostate. Zinc is necessary in the daily production of semen, and it is also useful for helping to reduce the chances that healthy prostate cells will mutate into malignant, precancerous cells.

Other than zinc, whose history of usefulness for prostate health is well documented, none of the ingredients in their blend have any kind of clinical data that has shown they may be able to help prostate or urinary function directly. For men whose prostate issues are the direct product of excessive inflammation, then it is possible that ingredients like guggul, and turmeric may be able to help reduce swelling and restore some lost functionality.

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Potential Benefits of Prostate Protection

For those that believe in the principles of Ayurveda, the advertising for Prostate Protection claims that it can be very helpful for VPK balancing, which they say is critical for proper biological functionality. When people fall out of balance, they say, it can result in discomfort and illness.

All laboratory study into the idea of VPK balance has yielded very little data that supports the idea of their usefulness in products of this nature. Our team does not see any scientific evidence that shows that the ingredients in Prostate Protection will be able to have a significant impact on prostate health or urological performance.

The most potential that Prostate Protection shows is as an anti-inflammatory agent that can help to reduce the swelling and irritation in the body in general, though not specifically in the prostate. If a man has previously displayed signs that their issues are mostly inflammatory in nature, then it is possible that for those individuals Prostate Protection will be helpful.

For all other types of prostate problems, it is not likely that Prostate Protection will be able to provide the type of benefits that users are looking for. It does provide some amount of zinc, which means there is a chance that it can have some long-term preventative benefits, though its exact potency for this purpose is unknown.

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Are There Side Effects of Prostate Protection?

Our team had a number of side effects concerns related to the ingredients of Prostate Protection, including the fact that there has been very little safety testing performed on them. This is especially true for the prolonged, every day use of these products, which is how Prostate Protection is designed to be taken.

One of the products that they have the most serious worries about is white sandalwood, which, in addition to a number of other more minor health concerns, has also been associated with potentially causing kidney damage. Studies have shown that the risks for white sandalwood causing kidney damage become more significant if it is taken for longer than six weeks at a time.

Red sandalwood has had much less testing performed on it than the white version, however it is possible that many of these same risks apply to its usage as well. Tinospora is also not recommended for consumption beyond eight weeks at a time, as it is not known if it is safe beyond that.

The ingredient that most concerns our team, however, is sida cordifolia. Sida cordifolia is an invasive weed in the mallow family that has been shown to contain ephedrine, a central nervous system stimulant that has been linked to very serious potential health effects like heart attacks, seizures, comas, and death.

Our team does not recommend sida cordifolia for human consumption for any purposes, however it should be noted that it has also not displayed any significant effectiveness for improving prostate or urinary health.  It is unclear what effects Prostate Protection hopes to achieve by including sida cordifolia in their blend, however it is one of the most significant factors that stands in the way of our experts being able to recommend their product.

Given the way that Prostate Protection displays their information, there is also no way of knowing what quantities of the individual ingredients are being used. This means that it is not only impossible to tell if they are using effective quantities of their higher quality ingredients, but it is also impossible to tell how much of their more dangerous ingredients are being used.

Ultimately, this makes it impossible for our experts to be able to say that they believe that Prostate Protection will be safe for any given user. For those individuals that do still choose to use Prostate Protection, know that you do so at your own risk and against the cautions of our review team.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prostate Protection

Prostate Protection is a product of Maharishi Ayurveda, a health and wellness products company founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. They manufacture products that are designed to promote healing through ancient Ayurvedic practices and ingredients.

They have their own website that they sell their products through, although they are also available through Amazon and other third party distributors. The prices that were being quoted on their website as of the date of this article’s publication are as follows:

  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-day supply) of Maharishi Ayurveda Prostate Protection herbal tablets: $21.95

This price is slightly lower than the average price for most products of this nature, although most customers that choose to purchase Prostate Protection will also want to add in an additional secondary supplement to help with basic nutritional and herbal support. This will certainly make Prostate Protection less cost effective, but it is unlikely that most consumers will find it to be potent enough on its own.

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Our Recommendation

Our panel of experts can find very few reasons to consider recommending Prostate Protection to our readers. It does not provide adequate nutritional support, its ingredients have no established history of usefulness in products of this type, and the majority of Ayurvedic theory has been disproven by western laboratory science.

Additionally there are number of ingredients in their proprietary mix that our team has side effects concerns about, some of them significant. Our team doesn’t recommend any product that uses sida cordifolia, especially without any kind of dosage information that lets you know how much you’re taking.

For these reasons, it is impossible for our review team to encourage our readers to try Prostate Protection for their prostate problems. Not only is there is no indication that it can be effective for these purposes, but there aren’t even any guarantees that it’s going to be safe for any given user.

The product that our team encourages men that are experiencing prostate inflammation or the symptoms of BPH or CP to try is called Prostatrinex. It has an ingredients list that is composed of additives that have strong, clinically-supported backgrounds of usage in products of this type.

The lead ingredient in their mix is saw palmetto, which is considered the single most potent herbal prostate health ingredient on the market, and it is well supported with key core vitamins and nutrients. Click here to read our experts’ full review of Prostatrinex to see if it may be useful for your specific prostate health needs.

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