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Prostate-Pro is a men’s health supplement that is focused on providing nutritional support for the prostate as well as boosting sexual performance and seminal production. It’s advertising says that it is used to help reduce the severity of the symptoms of prostate swelling, irritation, and inflammation, as well as conditions like benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) or chronic prostatitis (CP).

These symptoms tend to be urological in nature and can involve pain or difficulty starting the urine stream, residual urine getting trapped in the urethra, and an increase in the frequency with which men need to use the restroom. Prostate-Pro’s promotional materials also claim that it can help improve hormone and prostate function, which can lead to improved erections and libido, and an increase in the volume and sperm count of their seminal fluid.

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How Does Prostate-Pro Work?

Prostate-Pro uses an ingredients blend that features many of the more common ingredients for products of this nature, though unfortunately they also ignore some of the more productive and effective additives as well. It has a nutrition profile that seems to make it much more effective for treating the symptoms of prostate enlargement than actually affecting the conditions that lead to that enlargement in the first place.

Like many over the counter prostate health supplements Prostate-Pro includes saw palmetto in their blend, however their dose is considerably smaller than most of the top brands in this category. This is unfortunate, because saw palmetto can be effective for both reducing the growth rate of the prostate and the severity of the symptoms related to that growth.

Saw palmetto is high in fatty acids, which help to nourish the prostate and reduce the severity of inflammation, as well as phytosterols, which are thought to be especially helpful for restoring urinary function. The most potent form of phytosterol for these purposes is called beta-sitosterol, which is so potent for these purposes that many brands choose to include extra doses of the plant sterol complex in their mixtures as well.

Prostate-Pro has a dose of beta-sitosterol in their blend separate from that which is found in the saw palmetto, however it is only 15mg total, which is not a particularly large amount. For comparison, most other brands that choose to include beta-sitosterol in their blend will tend to use ten times this amount, if not more.

This is the same issue that our team had with their usage of pygeum africanum extract, another potent ingredient that’s helpful for prostate health. Pygeum is recommended by our team because like saw palmetto, it is one of the few natural substances that has shown some ability to actually impact the size of the prostate itself – however in general our team would recommend it in far larger quantities in order to be maximally effective.

The main difference between Prostate-Pro and most other generic brands of prostate health products is that they also use a significant dose of maca root extract and a small amount of ginseng as well. While both of these ingredients have a number of potential applications, they tend to be far more effective in male enhancement products than prostate support supplements.

Ginseng in particular has a wide variety of potentially beneficial effects, such as boosts to energy, immune function, and mental performance. It is also a noted erectile aid, and it may help to boost the libido as well.

Maca has similar stimulant and aphrodisiac effects, but it is also specifically thought to help men’s seminal production, which is related to prostate function. Maca root extracts have been shown to help increase the volume of semen that men can generate, and the sperm themselves tend to be denser, longer-lived, and more motile.

The main issue that our team had with the ingredients profile of Prostate-Pro was that it provides very little core nutritional support for the prostate gland, which requires a certain amount of vitamins, essential trace elements, and amino acids for daily functionality. Prostate-Pro does use zinc, selenium, and vitamin D3, which are considered helpful for prostate function, but they also ignore other key additives like copper, vitamin B6, vitamin E, and the amino acids glutamine and alanine.

The major issue with this is that the root of many men’s prostate problems are basic nutritional deficiencies that are easily remedied by getting the appropriate levels of nutritional support. Many cases of irritation and inflammation stem from a lack of one or more of these substances, and Prostate-Pro will be ineffective at resolving those men’s issues, though it may still help to mediate their symptoms.

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Potential Benefits of Prostate-Pro

While Prostate-Pro is deficient at providing core level support, it may still be effective for at least reducing the impact of prostate swelling and conditions like BPH and CP. It can potentially help men that are experiencing urinary difficulties such as painful urination, weak or inconsistent urinary stream, and improved emptying of the bladder during urination.

Improved emptying means that men will have to use the bathroom fewer times in total throughout the day, as well as waking up less in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. This can help men to get better, more consistent sleep, which improves energy levels, mood, and mental performance during the day.

It can also lead to fewer instances of urine becoming trapped in the urethra, which can be both uncomfortable and can lead to other more serious conditions such as infections of the urethra or bladder. Beyond health concerns, this can also be socially embarrassing as residual urine can leak out and cause issues like spotting and unpleasant personal odors.

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Are There Side Effects of Prostate-Pro?

Most of the ingredients in Prostate-Pro are natural products that are well tolerated by the vast majority of people. There are no significantly risky additives in their blend, unless users happen to have specific allergy issues.

The most significant allergy risk in Prostate-Pro is rye pollen extract. Pollen allergies are one of the most common types of allergy issues worldwide, and so anyone that has shown sensitivities to grass, flowers, or other types of airborne spores may want to consult their doctor about the practicalities of using Prostate-Pro, or simply find another supplement that does not include pollens in their blend.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prostate-Pro

Prostate-Pro is not found in many physical retail locations in the United States, but it is fairly widely available online. It cannot be purchased through their own website, however they do provide links to a number of online distributors. Users should expect to be able to find it for sale in the following price range:

  • 1, 100-count bottle (25-day supply) of Prostate-Pro vegetable capsules: $35.00-$42.00

This price is about average for products of this nature. Users should be aware that Prostate-Pro has not received particularly positive scores from its past users, including a very low 3/10 rating on Vitamart.

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Our Recommendation

Our team of health and wellness experts recommend many of the ingredients that are found in Prostate-Pro for use in a prostate health supplement, however they also tend to suggest products that have more potent dosage levels of those ingredients and a more extensive ingredients blend, especially in regards to core nutrition.

The quantity of zinc that is found in Prostate-Pro is far below industry standards for products of this type, and it does not contain any copper, B6, E, or amino acids, which severely reduce its overall effectiveness. Our team recommends that users seek out a prostate health product that at least provides minimal doses of these ingredients, as well as larger quantities of zinc, saw palmetto, and pygeum africanum extract.

The ingredients blend that our team of experts uses as a model is the one featured in Prostatrinex, the most potent over the counter prostate health supplement on the market. They use large doses of saw palmetto and pygeum, and their core health nutritional support is second to none.

They feature a potent amino acid blend, large doses of zinc, selenium, and copper, and vitamins B6 and E, all of which are considered critical to daily prostate functionality. Click here to find out if Prostatrinex can help you improve your prostate health and functionality.

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