Jack Osbourne’s Extreme Fitness Routine

Jack Osbourne is no stranger to the spotlight. He is the son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and is now in the news for a different reason. Jack lost weight a few years back, which garnered him a lot of attention, but now he is enduring a new fitness routine that involves some extreme training. His new fitness routine is said to be the same type of training that U.S. Navy SEALS use.

Jack has gotten a personal trainer and is working out at Crossfit gym in Hollywood. Jack lost 50 pounds back in 2005 while he was preparing for his extreme show titled Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie. He has been focused on maintaining his weight loss and staying in shape since then.

The rigorous exercise routine that Jack is going through now includes elements from sports like gymnastics, endurance running, weight lifting and cardio work. There has also been recent news that after serving four years as a reserve police officer, Jack Osbourne would like to become a full time officer, and getting into shape and working out regularly to prepare for the police academy can only help.

Taking action toward your own fitness may seem intimidating, especially when you don’t have the funds for personal trainers or extreme fitness routines. For those on a budget who want to work out, you can always choose to workout at home. You can use simple pieces of equipment like resistance bands and dumbbells to meet your fitness goals and find some inexpensive workout DVDs for purchase or even use routines found on YouTube.

Getting into shape and incorporating more fitness into your lifestyle can be affordable and simple for everyone.  We can all learn a lesson from Jack Osbourne and his commitment to stay in shape, and continually challenge himself physically.

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