How to Make Healthy Choices with Weak Willpower

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If you really want to make healthy choices in your life, you can do it, even if all you really want is a nice, sugary donut.

I feel you. I love donuts, especially those from Krispy Kreme – they’re the best! But there is a time and a place for everything. And on your quest to make healthier choices, you can still carve out a spot for a donut.

No kidding. I’ll layout the plan below, so keep reading.

Your mind controls everything you do, so you have to take control of it. The most effective way to take control is to visualize your success. Think about the things that must happen and the types of foods you need to eat for you to stay on track. Most times you have a general idea of what your day and even your week will entail, including the places you need to visit, people you’ll meet  and tasks you must accomplish. Within this maze of scheduling lies all the choices you make each and every day.

Each destination includes choices that you control, whether you take control or not. Prepping your mind to encounter all the choices you will face keeps you ahead of the game.

If you don’t believe your mind is powerful, consider this story: I recently read about a young girl who is finishing her first year at Harvard. The truly amazing part of this story is that this girl has been homeless and living in shelters, with her mom and sister, for the last 10 years of her 19 years on this Earth!

In the article, she said that what kept her going through all the crazy experiences she had was that she focused her mind on attending an Ivy League school. If she can overcome homelessness, missing days and weeks of school because of moving from one shelter to another and still focus her mind on being accepted to an Ivy League school, certainly you can prep your mind to make healthier food choices throughout your day.

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