Get Mad at Mel Gibson and Get Motivated

Run on Mel Gibson's Face for a Better Workout They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity in Hollywood, but recent leaks of Mel Gibson’s rants don’t seem like they have much of an upside. From ethnic slurs to sexist obscenities, he’s managed to offend a lot of people. Is there still a silver lining to this story?

A gym in New Jersey thinks so. They’ve created the “Mad Mel” treadmill by putting Mel Gibson’s face on every treadmill. They’re hoping to get customers’ blood pumping by encouraging them to run on the actor/director’s face. So, if you’re mad at Mel, try to channel that outrage into a more energized work out.

We’re sure there are several variations on the “Mad Mel” treadmill. The “Free Lindsey Lohan Elliptical”? The “BP Punching Bag”? Whatever gets your blood boiling.

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