Don’t Start Your Kids’ Day with Breakfast Kids’ Meals at Burger King

You’ve been able to buy breakfast for the entire family at Burger King for years. Now they’re going to start packaging it differently to make it even more appealing to children. 

Starting Monday, July 26, Burger Kids’ Meal Breakfasts will be available for $3.38. Kids can nosh on their new egg-and-cheese English muffin, apple fries (apples sliced to resemble fries and served with caramel dipping sauce) and apple juice. Burger King boasts that this meal has less than 560 calories.

Do you need two apple products? Shouldn’t kids like an apple for what it is, and not tricked by “resembling” a French fry?

Well for $4 you could scramble an egg with whole grain toast, skim milk and a small apple at home for less than 400 calories.

Convenience adds up to extra expense, plus fat and calories that aren’t good for your child. Take the extra ten minutes to scramble an egg, whip up a smoothie, or pour a bowl of cereal for a real way to start their day.

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day, and this is no way to nutritionally fuel their young minds in the classroom, or their young bodies on the playground.

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