Don’t Become Your Personal Trainer’s Biggest Nightmare

Too often, people rely on their personal trainers more than they should, thinking the trainer will do most of the work for us.

“Many trainers will be more than happy to collect your checks for years, but a good one will find the best way to educate you quickly, ensure you have developed healthy habits properly and then kick you out to do it on your own when you are ready,” said Kelly Turner, a Seattle-based personal trainer.

Sometimes people have unrealistic expectations going into their first session. They don’t realize it will take more than just that one session to get into shape and to learn healthy habits.

“A trainer’s job is not to lead you through workouts for the rest of your life. You should not have a trainer forever,” she continued. “A trainer’s job is to teach you how to exercise properly on your own.”

She says people tend to think the sessions are the only times they need to workout and they get frustrated when they don’t see results quickly. Turner says it’s important to apply what they’re learning to their everyday lives outside of the gym. “Most of the work is done when the trainer isn’t there.”

“Just the other day I saw a client on the street with a Food Emporium bag and I asked what she bought,” said New York-based celebrity trainer Joel Harper. “She wasn’t going to tell me and tried to change the subject. I asked why she was being so awkward. She finally confessed and pulled out a pint of Haagen Dazs from her bag. She said ‘she deserved it.’ I said, ‘we all deserve it, but if you want to accomplish your goals you have to do without. Practice self control or you are just wasting your time.’ ”

“The ones that come in ready to learn, and take what you teach them and apply it to their daily lives are the ones that see the most results,” said Turner. “A client that is eager to learn for the sake of their health, not the scale, is a trainer’s favorite client.”

Personal trainers can’t, and shouldn’t have to, follow clients around everyday making sure they’re making the right choices. Trainers say clients need to demonstrate personal accountability.

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