“Vibrant Moms Healthy Kids” Offers Family-Focused Nutrition Training Online

“How do I get my kid to eat healthy food?”

This is the number one question Abra Pappa has received over the last ten years as a Certified Health Coach and a Holistic Nutritionist. She’s decided to take a brand new approach to answer that question and is introducing a program called Vibrant Moms Healthy Kids.

Vibrant Moms Healthy Kids is a four week online course for parents hosted by Nutritious America. The course focuses on nutrition, holistic wellness therapies, and small steps to make big differences in the health of mothers and their families. Pappa and alternative medicine expert Autumn Bear will be conducting the online course, which begins enrollment Monday, June 25.

Some of the highlights will include guest speakers from all across the health spectrum. Nancy Phio is the author of “My Two Year Old Eats Octopus” and will be one of the guest teachers for the session titled, “Raising Children Who Love to Eat.”

All classes are designed to be taken at each mother’s own pace. The modules are released weekly and live question and answer sessions will be held at the end of the week.

As a bonus, enrollment discounts will be featured on “Daily Deals for Moms.” Pappa and crew want to make sure they could offer this course at an affordable rate. The deal will be available for 7 days on the Daily Deals site.

“It doesn’t matter where we are or what I make – he refuses to eat anything but mac n’ cheese!”

These type of statements can be a thing of the past with just a little bit of help. One of the great taglines for the program states, “They’re not in love, it’s just a temporary sugar high.” Here’s a great chance to teach our next generation to love real, healthy food.

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