Tune In: The Cleanse Craze on the Rachael Ray Show

Tune in to the Rachael Ray Show on Monday, June 28 when Rachael discusses the pros and cons of the latest health craze: Cleanses.

On the show, Rachael leans on the expert help of Dr. Ian Smith, author of The 4-Day Diet.

His diet begins with a 4-day detox, which he says can be used to lose weight and boost your energy. The plan involves different foods each day, such as leafy vegetables, broccoli, lemons, chickpeas, fruits, berries, low-fat yogurt and cabbage soup. 

Dr. Ian suggests doing a cleanse once every five or six months, while paired with healthy eating year-round to continue to enjoy the benefits.

“People will cleanse and they go right back to eating those bad things again. The idea is get your system back to ground zero and then reduce the amount of preservatives and additives you put into your body so it will last,” he says, while warning against lengthy detox programs.

Check your local listings for show times.

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