Technology and Style Bring Biking to a Whole New Level

The Pi Mobility PiCycle Sport Touring Bike

by Kelsey Murray

Long gone are the days when your bicycle was simply a way to get from point A to point B, or to get a little exercise in. There are many different styles of bikes: road, racing, mountain, commuter, and electric to name a few. Now, these many different styles of bikes are also getting a complete makeover. Check out some of the most creative – and functional – new bicycles to hit the road.

Pi Mobility PiCycle Sport Touring. This is an electric/manual model that has fantastic features, such as an anti-theft electronic feature to keep your bike from being stolen while you are not riding it. The design for this bike was originally created 20 years ago by an art student at Pasadena Art Center, Marcus Hays. This bike is great for recreational riders or those who commute to work. It ranges in price from $3,000 to $5,000.

Biomega Boston/Puma Disko. If you are really concerned that someone will steal your bicycle, consider this bike that you can fold up and take with you. This is a commuter bike that is very comfortable to ride, featuring tall handlebars and 24-inch wheels. It will also fit in the trunk of your car, making it very easy to take with you wherever you may go. It ranges in price from $1,000 to $1,250.

Tortola RoundTrails. This bike claims to absorb more vibration, making your ride smoother and more enjoyable. It does this by using two circular rings instead of the traditional bike’s rear “triangle,” allowing the bike itself to flex and absorb shock from bumps and dips in the road. Also, this bike just looks really cool with its bright colors. The bike costs $2,250 for the frame and fork only; you’ll have to find everything else on your own.

The customizable Pops Fabrication 8 Series


Pops Fabrication 8 Series. This is another creatively-designed bike that is sure to catch everyone’s attention while you are cruising along. Designed by famous bike designer Matt Rodriguez, this bike has a steel frame and customizable parts. You can also easily tighten or loosen the chain, which makes it easy to change a flat tire. This bike starts at $875 for the frame only. For the complete bike, prices range from $1,760 to $2,100.

If you are just getting started as a bicyclist, then you should consider one of these bikes to keep your motivated. Cycling provides a great lower and upper body workout. It also combines both cardiovascular and endurance exercise for your muscles while also not being as damaging on your joints as other sports, like running.

Via The LA Times

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